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Kontraŭreformacio Vendoj Pozicio

Deep Roots is now hiring experienced, motivated and passionate counter talent for 3 high end Seattle area piercing and tattoo studios! This is an opportunity to work in a professional studio environment wth top industry talent, surrounded by tons of the finest jewelry around. We are looking for people with enthusiasm for jewelry, a devotion to customer service and strong organizational skills, coupled with integrity and high personal standards.

These positions are opportunities for long term development and career growth within our organization, in a positive, professional environment. Contact us at


job Tipo: Alia

Firmaa Nomo: TRX Tattoos and Piercing

Job Location: st. louis, MO.

Ijob Priskribo: Saluton Geamikoj,

TRX Tatuajes kaj Piercing estas rigardanta dungi novajn homojn!

Ni estas vastigantaj denove kaj fari ke ni bezonas pli da homoj!

Ni estas nuntempe rigardanta plenigi kelkaj malsamaj pozicioj:

JEWELRY aĉetanto:

Jes, that’s a full time job for us. The person who currently does this for us is fantastic so you will have big shoes to fill. She is staying with us and will teach you how to do what we want and will ultimately be your boss.

Some of the requirements are:

Taking care of inventory and placing orders then checking in and packaging / displaying new orders when they arrive.

Being an integrated part of and promoting our studio and jewelry on social media.

Handling special orders.

Taking care of the jewelrypolishing and oiling displays.

Following trends and staying current in the jewelry market.

Working with the piercers and counter staff to ensure all their jewelry needs are met and the customers are being taken care of.


Running the register and answering the phone.

Helping Piercers and Tattoo artists take care of their clients.

Scheduling clients and working with Peircers and Tattoo artists in this regard.

Of course we are always interviewing Tattoo artists as well!

Please contact us either through email at
or just come into the studio and drop off a resume!

We look forward to meeting you, thanks for your time!

Kontakta Nomo: Williams Spencer

Contact Email:


Estas tie APP membroj dungita ĉe tiu studo?: YES! There are APP members employed at this studio.