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Current events related to piercing

2017 APP Konferenco kaj Ekspozicio datoj anoncis!

22nd Jara Konferenco 2017 datoj Anoncita!

Junio 11 - junio 16, 2017, Bally la Las Vegas Hotelo kaj Kazino - savi la dato!

#APP2017 #APPconference2017 #APPsafepiercing

For immediate release:
daŭrigi legadon 2017 APP Konferenco kaj Ekspozicio datoj anoncis!

A Piercing Kuracas?

Nuntempe ekzistas neniu deviganta indico por apogi aŭ refuti asertojn de helpo por ajna sano kondiĉoj de korpo piercing.

Tial ni afable petas niajn membrojn sindeteni de reprezentanta spekulativa teorioj de tiu naturo.

Miro Hernández
Public Relations Director
Asocio de Profesia Piercers

*Pli detala analizo de Eksprezidento Elayne Anĝelo kun acupunturista Kristen Horner Warren en tiu artikolo -


saintsabrinas: Daith piercings estas unu el niaj favoritos! Ni amas la simplecon kaj belecon de ĉi tiu. Ĝi estis farita fare dansteinbacher uzanta flavan oron ringo.

Daith piercings estas unu el niaj favoritos! Ni amas la simplecon kaj belecon de ĉi tiu. Estis farita de dansteinbacher uzante flava oro ringo.

La Punkta Afero #72

punkto #72

Table of Contents


To view this issue in its entirety, click Ĉi tie. (This format works best for most phones and eReader devices.)

You can also download the .PDF file by clicking Ĉi tie.

BVLA Raffle winners announced!

BVLA - Body Vision Los Angeles

BVLA Raffle winner announced!

Congratulations Eva Nieto of Maya Modification !

Thanks to BVLA for their generous donation to our #app2015 raffle

As some of you are aware, BVLA’s raffle prize was inadvertently left off in the 2015 Conference Raffle. We have been working with Nick and the team at BVLA to come up with the best way to remedy this. Generously, Nick and BVLA, understand that mistakes happen and we have moved forward to establish this special raffle, which is open to all attendees of the Conference. This does not include vendors or vendor workers unless they were also registered as general attendees. This does include all regular attendees whether or not they participated in the onsite raffle.


BVLA is proud to support the APP and offer this $5000 WHOLESALE jewelry prize to all 2015 Conference attendees.

• The sole winner will be able to order anything we make up to the $5000 value!!

• We wish to thank the APP for this opportunity and wish you the best of luck.


The Winner will be drawn and recorded by BVLA. Attendees can check or our Conference attendees Facebook page after Noon on August 20th to view the video and see the drawing of the winner.

The APP is sorry that this mistake occurred and is happy that we could work out a solution which is beneficial to all involved. Good luck!

—Team BVLA

Our 20th Annual Conference and Exposition will be in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 7-June 12, 2015

Visit the APP event site

Our 20th Annual Conference and Exposition will be in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 7-June 12, 2015. Our classrooms will once again fill with attendees from all over the world. Piercers, Studiaj Posedantoj, vendistoj, and Health Inspectors will all come together for a week of education and peer-to-peer sharing. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a new piercer, you will be able to learn core requirements for a successful piercing career or update your skills and ensure your knowledge is current.

You do not have to be an APP member to attend the Conference!*

La Ekspozicio is the only one of its kind in this country. Nowhere else can you find this range of great jewelry, Produktoj, Kaj korpo penetranta rilatajn servojn ĉiuj en unu punkto. 2015 Conference we expect our Vendors will donate generously (as in past years) to our Raffle – in past years, total value of prizes has exceeded $60,000; Kun pli da ol 200 Individuaj premioj donacis. Social events for the week include an Malfermanta Partion, Bankeda Ĉefmanĝo, Jogo, and more…

*some restrictions apply to the Ekspozicio Kaj Membroj Nur & Piercing Technique courses/roundtables

Be sure to continue checking this website for the most up-to-date information about the Conference, as information is confirmed and materials become available!

Por revizio de la 2014 Conference – please click here.


Visit the event website.


Conference Announcement 11/17/2014

Association of Professional Piercers Announcement 11/17/2014

Hello Members:
As many of you know, the work that goes into planning each year’s conference is a tremendous feat. When a conference ends, the planning, and logistics of next year’s conference begins.At the end of our 2014 konferenco, The APP was in the final stages for moving to a new location for 2015.After much consideration the Board has agreed that the new location will not ultimately suit the needs of our attendees and vendors. The primary concern is the lack of loading options due to the building of The Link. This was an unforeseen facility change. When first contracted the Link was viewed as an asset to attendees but final planning for the area was yet unknown.

Since immediately after the 2014 event all options have been explored, including whether the Flamingo could be made to work. The feedback and written proposal received from our Exhibitor Services company, in mid October, was the final deciding factor. We have been offered space, during the same dates, at Bally’s.

Once the negotiations are finalized we will make a formal announcement about the move. The room block link should be active, per usual, at some time in December.

We are issuing this update in hopes of preventing anybody from booking right now based on the dates and location listed on The APP website- in the unlikely event that the dates are moved as well as the location.

We are all very excited for next year’s 20th anniversary conference, and we thank you for your understanding as we deal with the wonderful growing pains of conference attendance sharply increasing the past two years.


Brian Skellie – Prezidanto
Cody VaughnVice President
Jef Saunders – Membriĝa Interrilatigo
Steve Joyner – Legislation Liaison
Christopher Glunt – Kuraca Interrilatigo
Cindro Misako – Outreach Kunordiganto
Miro Hernández – Public Relations


APP 19th Banner

Konferenco 2015 datoj Anoncita!

Junio 7 - junio 12, 2015, Las de Bally Vegas Hotelo kaj Kazino – Savi la daton!

Our 20th Annual Conference and Exposition will be in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 7 - junio 12, 2015. Our classrooms will once again fill with attendees from all over the world. Piercers, Studiaj Posedantoj, vendistoj, and Health Inspectors will all come together for a week of education and peer-to-peer sharing. Learn the core requirements as a new piercer just starting to work in the industry — or update your skills and information as an experienced practitioner. You need not be an APP member to attend the Conference!*


Bloodborne patógenos Training Programo

The Association of Professional Piercers offers industry specific Bloodborne Pathogens training for body piercers.

APP_2015_Conf_Attending banner_timeline
Click here for our online training program

We’ve created a thorough and unique program that meets the requirements of 29CFR1910.1030 in a manner that will be understood and appreciated by professional piercers of all skill levels. The collective experience of it’s designers brings insight that makes it the best option for required industry specific training.

The Association of Professional Piercers offers a clear advantage over other training providers:

  • Our program was created for piercers by piercers currently working in the industry.
    Every member of the Bloodborne Pathogen training staff is currently employed as a piercer in a modern studio environment.
  • Our program is industry specific.
    Most training programs for body art focus mostly on tattooing and offer very little to body piercers. The body piercing industry is dynamic with new products and technologies being introduced regularly.
  • The APP leads the industry and is more than qualified to provide piercers with the training they need to work safely for the benefit of both the public and themselves.
  • Chapter by chapter our presentation is derived from the actual Bloodborne Pathogen standard itself.
    Other similar training programs for the body art industry don’t stay on topic and often don’t even reference the standard at all. Within the body piercing industry there is a lot of confusion about the roles of OSHA and the Health Department. Once a piercer has completed this course, their vocabulary will be greatly expanded and the purpose of OSHA and the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard will be made clear.
  • A piercer with a Bloodborne Pathogen Standard certificate from the Association of Professional Piercers will be able to recognize workplace hazards, apply the guidelines of the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, and develop routines and protocol to eliminate or minimize risks in the piercing environment.
  • Our program complies with section 1910.1030(g)(2)(vii) which requires an explanation of the epidemiology and symptoms of bloodborne disease and explanation of the modes of transmission of bloodborne pathogens.
  • Students using our online version will have access to one of our trainers who can answer questions as required by 1910.1030(g)(2)(vii)(N).
  • The standard has been divided into sections with quizzes and reviews to test the students retention and comprehension of the information. There are minimum scores required for a certificate to be rewarded.

    APP Sample certificate
    Click here for our online program

We hope you’ll find our Bloodborne Pathogen training program for body piercers to be suitable for your needs. Our staff of experts has developed a program unlike any other and we’re confident its the best training of its type.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at 785-841-6060. Message with any questions.

Online BBP Courses

Welcome to the Association of Professional Piercers online education center.

Konscii ni aktuale havas multnombrajn versiojn de Bloodborne patógenos trejnado por korpo piercing. Bonvolu elekti la konvenan kurson por via loko. Se vi laboras en Novjorko, Vaŝingtono PK, Virginio, Florido, or Puerto Rico you should not take the APP’s Bloodborne Pathogens training course at this time. ***For California residents, our course is currently only approved in certain areas. ***

We are approved to offer this course to everyone else in the U.S.

Course Cost

***Workers in New York City, Puerto Rico, California, or Florida should not take this course.

You are about to purchase online training of Bloodborne Pathogens for body piercers for general U.S. residents.

usd 25.00
***This course is for Pasadena, Longa Plaĝo, and these California counties; Lake, Humboldt, Santa Clara, Tehama, Yuba, Mendocino, Butte, San Mateo, Yolo, Monterey, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Ventura, Sacramento, and San Francisco.
usd 25.00
* NOT YET AVAILABLE. DO NOT PURCHASE. You are about to purchase online training of Bloodborne Pathogens for body piercers (Florida Edition.) Upon completion you’ll receive a PDF certificate for your records. This certificate will be valid for one year.
usd 25.00
***This course is for Los Angeles County only. This is the only area in California that has approved of this annual training program. There is a separate course for other areas of California.
usd 25.00
This course is for the county of San Diego only. This is the only area of California that has currently approved of this edition of our annual training program.
usd 25.00

More online courses available here



Piercing Bible available

Now for the first time ever, there is a comprehensive book all about safe body piercing: La Penetra Biblio–La Definitiva Gvidilo al Sekura Korpa Penetrado.

You can purchase a signed copy from the APP. It was authored by former APP President, Elayne Anĝelo, who is renowned as one of the industry’s most experienced and respected professionals.

Klaki ĉi tie Por pli da informo.

FDA Recall of contaminated antiseptics


FDA Press Release

For Immediate Release: Aprilo 6, 2011
Media Inquiries: Shelly Burgess, 301-796-4651,
Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

FDA acts to prevent contamination problems with Triad antiseptic products
Usono. Marshals seize drug products manufactured and distributed by Wisconsin firms

Usono. Marshals, at the request of the U.S. manĝaĵo kaj Droga Administro, have seized more than $6 million in products distributed by Triad Group Inc., at the company’s facility in Hartland, Wis.

Triad Group and H & P Industries are owned and managed by the same parties. A variety of drug products were seized, including povidone-iodine and benzalkonium chloride antiseptic products, cough and cold products, nasal sprays, suppositories, medicated wipes, antifungal creams, hemorrhoidal wipes, in-process drug products, and raw materials.

“We took this action to stop Triad from continuing to distribute products, which may pose a risk to public health,” said Dara Corrigan, FDA associate commissioner for regulatory affairs.

The action follows the continued failure of H & P Industries to comply with the FDA’s current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) Reguligoj, which are intended to assure the safety, quality, and purity of manufactured drugs. Through this seizure, FDA seeks to prevent the company from distributing product that was manufactured in violation of federally mandated manufacturing requirements.

In connection with the seizure of the medical products and related items, the First Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, Gregory J. Haanstad, commended officials and staff of the Food & Drug Administration and the United States Marshals Service for their highly effective, focused, and collaborative work with the Office of the United States Attorney: “The seizures at the H & P Industries facility in Hartland reflect the continuing commitment of all federal law enforcement offices to ensure the safety and the security of our populations—and to safeguard against those whose disregard of professional obligations threaten to compromise public health and well-being.”

Since December 2010, H & P Industries has initiated three voluntary product recalls due to various types of bacterial contamination found in the products.

FDA completed its most recent inspection of H&P Industries on March 28, 2011. The inspection found multiple violations of cGMP requirements, including continuing problems with the air handling system; failure to adequately investigate drug products that did not meet specifications affecting the majority of the products manufactured at the facility; and failure to take the proper measures to ensure the quality of incoming components.

Seizure of drug products is an effective remedy when there is evidence of continued poor compliance with cGMP requirements. Following a drug product seizure, companies often agree to a wide range of changes and improvements to their drug manufacturing practices at their facilities.