Logo Usage

APP Name and Logo Usage Guidelines

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  • The APP does not certify piercers or piercing studios. Wording such as “APP Certified” should never be used.
  • While the APP does provide education to piercers, we do not train piercers, so “APP Trained” is never acceptable.
  • Having a certificate of attendance to one of our conferences does not constitute certification or membership.
  • Participation or attendance of classes from the APP does not constitute APP “certification”, training, or membership.

The APP logo in Digital Media:

The Association of Professional Piercers freely licenses the use of its trademarked corporate logo in all digital media on the condition that the trademark licensee uses the mark to point to the APP homepage, http://safepiercing.org/, and only to the APP homepage. The APP retains full, unfettered, and sole discretion to revoke this trademark license for any reason whatsoever or for no specified reason.

Simply stated, the APP gives free use of its logo to anyone, for any digital media, including, but not limited to, web sites,  social media and networking pages, blogs, etc., as long as the following two conditions are met:

  1. The logo must point to the APP homepage: http://safepiercing.org/
  2. The logo must not be used in any way that states or implies membership in the APP for any individual or organization.

This logo may not be used in print media without express written permission.

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