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Guest Piercer Available

Hey folks! I will be in SoCal for a guest spot from Oct 30- Nov 3rd, but plan on staying a little longer (til the 16th or so). If you are in need, want to take a much needed break, or are planning a vacation, let me know! I will be available.Here is a short bio:
Hi there. I am a piercer at Laughing Buddha in Seattle looking to relocate to the LA area to be closer to family. Here is a link to some (older) work with a few new pics thrown in. I am in the process of updating my portfolio.
Much of the work is from the 90s. You can tell, especially because of jewelry, lol. I only use IS, Anatometal, Neometal, Body Circle, SMS316, BVLA, and a few others now. I have been piercing professionally since 1994. I was mentored by William Jager and Jack Yount (we only used Silver Anchor and Blunted Steel back then), I am drug and drama free with no attachments. I was a manager and piercer at Slave To The Needle and pierced and made jewelry for Evolve, as well. Still friends with everyone.
I have Oct25-Nov15 off because of a vacation I was going on that fell through. I would love to come down for a guest spot, if possible. I am fluent in Spanish and English, and get by very well in Italian and French. I am an Emergency First Responder Instructor (teach CPR, first aid, etc) as well. I am looking for a studio to call home, anywhere between LA and SD. I will be in SD for interviews from 10/11-10/14, and back in LA on 10/29. I am not a current APP member, but adhere to all of their standards and will be renewing after my next move.