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APP Job listing

Piercer Available

I have been a Piercer since I was 17 (2009) unfortunately I couldn’t call myself a professional until 2012. While traveling;  without knowing it at the time, I visited an APP studio in New York. I must have visited 20 shops on the same street before I felt safe enough to get work done. After that visit I knew there was something missing. The most important component to a good procedure, quality jewelry.  I knew I had to excel my methods and produce what my clients deserve.  I started researching and reading about every avenue of body modification I could get my hands on. I knew if I ever wanted to be notibale in this industry exactly what I had to do. I approached my current boss with the new knowledge I gained, it became clear to me this step was not going to take place at my current location.  I quit, knowing I could not keep in good conscience if I continued piercing this way. Along this journey I did find a shop that was the next step. This is where I eliminated external threads for good, and didn’t touch a piece that wasn’t of implant grade materials. The difference in healing was mind blowing.  For the next two years I expanded to freehand techniques in all cartilage areas and genitals.  I noticed in most procedures I didn’t have a single drop of blood leave my clients body. It felt amazing knowing the less trauma I created the safer my clients felt, and the faster it healed. Today, I have the same passion I did almost eight years ago when this whole quest started. I’m looking for a shop that will allow me to further my path, and continually strive to evolve with the APP standards. The goal itself if to become a member and work in an approved shop. I know at this point in my life the only thing I’ve ever been in love with is being a Piercer. Handing over that mirror and watching the reaction on my clients face as they marvel in their own bravery. I could give you another 100 reasons why pursuing this career was the best decision I have ever made. To this day, it still kills me this life is even possible.  I’m willing to pick up and leave everything I have here to further my passion in this industry. Even if that means living in a shitty motel until I get on my feet in this new city.  I have a digital portfolio I’m 100% willing to send along with reference to the shops I’ve worked in. Completely certified here in Ohio, but can easily obtain what ever necessary your state may need.

Contact: (440)-309-8588

Piercer Wanted

Saint Sabrina’s is Hiring a Full-Time Piercer

Located in Minneapolis, MN, Saint Sabrina’s has been open since 1993 and has been the premier piercing studio in the Twin Cities for nearly two decades. We are looking to add an additional full-time piercer to our current staff of 3 piercers.

We are a high-volume studio that offers piercing services by appointments and walk-ins. We never want our clients to be rushed, but you do need to be comfortable working in a busy studio and have an understanding of how being busy relates to your customer interactions. You need to be able to provide outstanding customer service even if you don’t have 45 minutes to spend with each client.

We work with jewelry from all the companies you think of when you hear the term “high-quality body jewelry”.

All of our piercers are members of the APP and you will be expected to become a member if you aren’t currently.

We also offer tattooing at our studio, but your involvement with the tattooing side of the business will be limited (no one is going to ask you to schedule tattoo appointments, scrub tattoo tubes etc).

We offer a variety of different benefits to our employees.

What we are looking for (this is a good starting point, at least):

* A minimum of 5 years of verifiable piercing experience; we may be willing to consider less experience for someone outstanding.
* A portfolio of work that shows the full scope of your capabilities
* Regardless of how long you have been piercing, you need to be proactive about continuing your education and must stay aware of developments in the industry
* Experience with traditional surface piercing and the majority of genital piercings is a big plus

We are looking for someone who is comfortable with themselves, their life and their identity as a piercer.

If your ego is your best friend, if you have a penchant for drama, if having positive relationships with your co-workers is a foreign concept, if you struggle to show up to work on-time, if drugs/alcohol/partying are things that are important parts of your life…then we  aren’t the shop for you.

If you have specific questions, or would like to apply for the position, please contact me at We will require a resume’ and links to your portfolio. Industry references are always appreciated, but aren’t necessary.

Piercing Apprenticeship Available

Reno Tattoo Co. is looking for a Piercing Apprentice!

Do you love body piercings, quality body jewelry, and working with people? Are you friendly, timely, and hygienic? Are you excited to learn and grow while you build a career? This might be the step you’ve been waiting for!

We’re looking for someone who fits the following:
• You’re a hard worker and self starter
• You have a passion for body piercings and jewelry
• You are NOT trying to become a tattoo artist
• You have experience in customer service
• You have excellent personal hygiene
• You are a people person – and are excited to help all types of people walk out happier than when they came in

To apply, come see us in person at 143 N. Virginia St. in downtown Reno with your resume and contact information.

Note that this apprenticeship is unpaid, will be time consuming, and what you get from it depends entirely on how much you put in to it. If you have school or a job we can work with you. We will go over the terms of your apprenticeship – schedule, responsibilities, and what to expect – during the interviews we conduct.

Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted

My name is Tabitha Grandjean and I am currently a senior at Temple university as a student in Biological Anthropology. I plan to move to Japan in about a year and am learning Japanese. I am  seeking an apprenticeship starting next summer.

I will have completed my second anatomy class by this time and plan to continue to study anatomy through my final semester at Temple. I am reading through the Piercing Bible by Elayne Angel currently. I am a body modification enthusiast and I plan to continue my own modification journey. I would like to go into the realms of scarification, implants, and eventually suspension as I learn.

I plan to receive first aid training and blood borne pathogen certification by the American Red Cross. I am also willing to take any other courses and obtain any certifications that may be required of me.

Piercer Wanted

We are currently looked for a skilled fully licensed (or able to be licensed) Body Piercer for our shop. We are a new shop (open now for a bit over 3 months) and carry the best lines including but not limited to LeRoi, Buddha Jewelry Organics, Evolve, NeoMetal and more. Newmarket is a college town and business is picking up as the students have come back. Please serious inquiries only. We are looking for someone as soon as possible. Having an APP member working at our establishment would be fantastic but is not a requirement. Thank you

Piercer Wanted

We are looking for a part or full time body piercer, this would include but be limited  to; counter help,  cleaning, processing equipment, scheduling appointments,  customer service,  and assisting other coworkers.
Possible apprentceships available.  We  hire as employees and pay on a commission basis, no independent contractors.  Please send applications, resumes, and/or portfolios.

Piercer Wanted

We are looking for a part or full time body piercer, this would include but be limited  to; counter help,  cleaning, processing equipment, scheduling appointments,  customer service,  and assisting other coworkers.
Possible apprenticeships available.  We  hire as employees and pay on a commission basis, no independent contractors.  Please send applications, resumes, and/or portfolios.