How to join the APP

  1. Find the type of membership that is right for you.
    To do this, visit Membership Types.
  2. Download, print, and fill out the appropriate application form.
  3. Send your completed application and all required criteria to:
    Association of Professional Piercers
    Post Office Box 1287
    Lawrence, KS 66044


    →SAVE TIME!←

    Upload your application and video for review.

    Contact for instructions on how to submit your video for committee review.


    *Applications submitted electronically do not require a processing fee.

    NOTE: If you choose to send in a digital application all materials must be in a digital format.

    If you choose to send in a hard copy application all materials must be in hard copy form.
    Applications must be submitted in FULL digital form or FULL hard copy form.

Please allow 6–8 weeks for processing.
Membership dues will be billed upon acceptance.


Video Processing Fee (Due with mailed application)
Initial Membership Application Fees (Due upon acceptance)