A Piercing Cure?

Currently there is no compelling evidence to support or refute claims of aid for any health conditions by body piercing.

Therefore we politely request our members to refrain from representing speculative theories of this nature.

Miro Hernandez
Public Relations Director
Association of Professional Piercers

*More detailed analysis by former President Elayne Angel with acupuncturist Kristen Horner Warren in this article —http://www.liveoakacupuncture.com/can-getting-your-ear-pierced-really-cure-migraine-headaches


saintsabrinas: Daith piercings are one of our favorites! We love the simplicity and beauty of this one. It was done by dansteinbacher using a yellow gold ring.

Daith piercings are one of our favorites! We love the simplicity and beauty of this one. It was done by dansteinbacher using a yellow gold ring.

The Point Issue #72

Point #72

Table of Contents


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Bloodborne Pathogens Training Program

The Association of Professional Piercers offers industry specific Bloodborne Pathogens training for body piercers.

APP_2015_Conf_Attending banner_timeline
Click here for our online training program

We’ve created a thorough and unique program that meets the requirements of 29CFR1910.1030 in a manner that will be understood and appreciated by professional piercers of all skill levels.  The collective experience of it’s designers brings insight that makes it the best option for required industry specific training.

The Association of Professional Piercers offers a clear advantage over other training providers:

  • Our program was created for piercers by piercers currently working in the industry.
    Every member of the Bloodborne Pathogen training staff is currently employed as a piercer in a modern studio environment.
  • Our program is industry specific.
    Most training programs for body art focus mostly on tattooing and offer very little to body piercers.   The body piercing industry is dynamic with new products and technologies being introduced regularly.
  • The APP leads the industry and is more than qualified to provide piercers with the training they need to work safely for the benefit of both the public and themselves.
  • Chapter by chapter our presentation is derived from the actual Bloodborne Pathogen standard itself.
    Other similar training programs for the body art industry don’t stay on topic and often don’t even reference the standard at all.   Within the body piercing industry there is a lot of confusion about the roles of OSHA and the Health Department.  Once a piercer has completed this course, their vocabulary will be greatly expanded and the purpose of OSHA and the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard will be made clear.
  • A piercer with a Bloodborne Pathogen Standard certificate from the Association of Professional Piercers will be able to recognize workplace hazards, apply the guidelines of the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, and develop routines and protocol to eliminate or minimize risks in the piercing environment.
  • Our program complies with section 1910.1030(g)(2)(vii) which requires an explanation of the epidemiology and symptoms of bloodborne disease and explanation of the modes of transmission of bloodborne pathogens.
  • Students using our online version will have access to one of our trainers who can answer questions as required by 1910.1030(g)(2)(vii)(N).
  • The standard has been divided into sections with quizzes and reviews to test the students retention and comprehension of the information. There are minimum scores required for a certificate to be rewarded.

    APP Sample certificate
    Click here for our online program

We hope you’ll find our Bloodborne Pathogen training program for body piercers to be suitable for your needs. Our staff of experts has developed a program unlike any other and we’re confident its the best training of its type.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at 785-841-6060. Message JohnJ@SafePiercing.org with any questions.

Online BBP Courses

Welcome to the Association of Professional Piercers online education center.

Be aware we currently have multiple versions of Bloodborne Pathogens training for body piercing. Please select the appropriate course for your location. If you work in New York City, Washington DC, Virginia, Florida, or Puerto Rico you should not take the APP’s Bloodborne Pathogens training course at this time. ***For California residents, our course is currently only approved in certain areas. ***

We are approved to offer this course to everyone else in the U.S.

Course Cost

***Workers in New York City, Puerto Rico, California, or Florida should not take this course.

You are about to purchase online training of Bloodborne Pathogens for body piercers for general U.S. residents.

usd 25.00
***This course is for Pasadena, Long Beach, and these California counties; Lake, Humboldt, Santa Clara, Tehama, Yuba, Mendocino, Butte, San Mateo, Yolo, Monterey, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Ventura, Sacramento, and San Francisco.
usd 25.00
* NOT YET AVAILABLE. DO NOT PURCHASE. You are about to purchase online training of Bloodborne Pathogens for body piercers (Florida Edition.) Upon completion you’ll receive a PDF certificate for your records. This certificate will be valid for one year.
usd 25.00
***This course is for Los Angeles County only. This is the only area in California that has approved of this annual training program. There is a separate course for other areas of California.
usd 25.00
This course is for the county of San Diego only. This is the only area of California that has currently approved of this edition of our annual training program.
usd 25.00

More online courses available here



Piercer Wanted

Job Type: Piercer Wanted

Company Name: Vanity Rites Tattoo & Body Art Studio

Job Location: Southington, CT

Job Description: Are you a diamond in the rough?
Are you ethical?
Do you have INTEGRITY?
Would you like to work in a fantastic environment with people that will support your craft?
If this describes you and you have been body piercing for 1 or more years, have verifiable work history and truly want to elevate yourself, then please, call us!

Contact Name: Paul Valdes, Jr

Contact Email: fyrwolf13@aol.com

Website: http://www.vanityrites.com

Are there APP members employed at this studio?: I would like to work with APP members

Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted

Job Type: Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted

Company Name: Sam Dutton

Job Location: Salt Lake City

Job Description: I am searching for a piercing apprenticeship anywhere in the U.S. I have been Blood Borne Pathogen certified through Red Cross and will be attending the Piercing Conference in Las Vegas this June. I have always been fascinated with the human body and with piercings for years and would like to pursue this passion. I currently work in a jewelry and body jewelry store so I am familiar with many different piercing types and I am very good with the different types of body jewelry. I also do ear lobe and cartilage piercing at this shop.
I would be willing to relocate for an apprenticeship and would be able to do so easily.

Contact Name: Sam Dutton

Contact Email: dutton.samr@gmail.com


Are there APP members employed at this studio?: I would like to work with APP members

Piercer Available

Job Type: Piercer Available

Company Name: Piercing by Gina

Job Location: Anywhere.

Job Description: My name is Gina. I am a body piercing artist from London,England. I have over 15 years professional experience in all basic piercing including dermal implants, genital piercing , dermal corsetting and more.
I’m currently living in Ontario , Canada.
I’m looking for a professional studio that uses high quality jewelry and willing to help me in my journey to be app certified.
Will relocate for the right opportunity.
Please check out my Instagram portfolio @lillygee7
Stay safe!

Contact Name: Gina Langton

Contact Email: piercingbygina@gmail.com


Are there APP members employed at this studio?: I would like to work with APP members

Piercer Wanted at HOWL Gallery/Tattoo

Established shop looking for experienced piercer. Permanent or short term position. Must be willing to take on apprentice.

Shop Website http://www.howlgallery.com
Company Name HOWL Gallery/Tattoo
Job Location Fort Myers
Contact Name Alainna
Contact Email howlgallery@gmail.com
Are there APP members at this studio?
No. There are no APP members employed at this studio. I would like to work with APP members.

Piercing Apprenticeship Available at Golden Goat Tattoo Company LLC

GGTC is an APP member studio just outside of Austin, TX that is a piercer owned tattoo studio. We carry only the best jewelry from manufacturers such as Anatometal, Neometal, BVLA, Tawapa, Diablo, Maya, Gorilla Glass, Glasswear Studios, and more. We work out of a statim, with sterile gloves and all that modern fancy stuff that piercers like.

The apprenticeship is being offered by Sean Philips, a piercer coming up on 20 years in the industry with three extremely successful apprentices under him previously.

Shop Website http://www.goldengoattattoo.com
Company Name Golden Goat Tattoo Company LLC
Job Location Round Rock, TX (an affluent Austin suburb)
Contact Name Sean Philips
Contact Email goldengoattattoo@gmail.com
Are there APP members at this studio?
Yes! There are APP Members employed at this studio.

Piercer Wanted: The Workshop

The Workshop is a body piercing and jewelry studio located in East Village, NYC. We are currently looking for a piercer with at least 2 years of professional experience in a retail environment. Candidates must be passionate about the industry, punctual, professional and outgoing. Strong interpersonal and communication skills preferred. Applicants must be 18+.
Shop Website
Company Name
The Workshop
Job Location
New York City
Contact Name
Contact Email
Are there APP members at this studio?
No. There are no APP members employed at this studio. I would like to work with APP members.

Piercing Apprenticeship Available: Museum of Living Arts

[1_Job Type] => Piercing Apprenticeship Available
[2_Company Name] => Museum of Living Arts
[3_Job Location] => Charleston SC
[4_Job Description] => Us: A growing body piercing and fine jewelry studio with 2 locations. This is a piercing and jewelry only shop that meets APP environmental criteria, all piercers will be expected to become members. We have little turnover, and are looking for someone for the long term. Excellent work environment, good hours and decent pay.
You: Self motivated, requires (and even thrives) with little structure. You must be 18+, have your own, reliable source of transportation, willing to do an unpaid apprenticeship part time for a year to two years. There is an opportunity for PT paid work as a sales associate. We are looking for a someone with a strong background in sales and retail, as well as an interest in body modification and a desire to grow with the company. I am willing to host exceptional candidates for a visit willing to relocate for the position. No piercing experience required. Must have a good bedside manner, social skills,be responsible, comfortable with themselves, open minded and nonjudgmental. Drug addicts or people with dependency issues and drama queens need not apply.
[5_Contact Name] => Laura
[6_Contact Email] => laura.davis2323@gmail.com
[7_Website] => Charlestonpiercing.com
[8_Are there APP members employed at this studio?] => YES! There are APP members employed at this studio.

Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted: Anna Hoffman

[1_Job Type] => Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted
[2_Company Name] => Anna hoffmann
[3_Job Location] => Sacramento
[4_Job Description] => My name is Anna Hoffman I am dying to find an apprenticeship I am currently looking in Sacramento but am willing to go further. I have completed my blood borne pathogen class through Red Cross, as well as a basic work shop and Fakir Intensives. This is something I’ve wanted to do do since I was 14 years old. I will keep trying and trying until I find a mentor. I am motivated and determined to make it happen. This is my passion and my dream. I will up root and move it is necessary. I only hope that I can get a chance to train under a master please give me a email if you are looking for a apprentice thank you!
[5_Contact Name] => Anna hoffmann
[6_Contact Email] => annabo99@gmail.com
[7_Website] =>
[8_Are there APP members employed at this studio?] => I would like to work with APP members

Piercer Wanted: Walls of Wonder Tattoo

Searching for a professional piercer in a busy shop. You must be motivated, professional, and a hard worker. We are not looking to teach or take on an apprentice, you must have experience. A photo portfolio and resume are a must. This is a commission based job.

Shop Website
Company Name
Walls of Wonder Tattoo
Job Location
Dover, DE
Contact Name
Chuck Tucker
Contact Email
Are there APP members at this studio?
No. There are no APP members employed at this studio. I would like to work with APP members.

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