A Piercing Cure?

Currently there is no compelling evidence to support or refute claims of aid for any health conditions by body piercing.

Therefore we politely request our members to refrain from representing speculative theories of this nature.

Miro Hernandez
Public Relations Director
Association of Professional Piercers

*More detailed analysis by former President Elayne Angel with acupuncturist Kristen Horner Warren in this article —http://www.liveoakacupuncture.com/can-getting-your-ear-pierced-really-cure-migraine-headaches


saintsabrinas: Daith piercings are one of our favorites! We love the simplicity and beauty of this one. It was done by dansteinbacher using a yellow gold ring.

Daith piercings are one of our favorites! We love the simplicity and beauty of this one. It was done by dansteinbacher using a yellow gold ring.

Piercer Available

I’m looking to start doing some guest spots in the coming months/year, and possibly relocate if theres a connection with a specific shop. if anyone knows of any shops that are looking for guest/full time piercers, let me know. I’d prefer to work with shops that use quality Internal threaded titanium jewelry like Anatometal, Neometal, Industrial Strength, BVLA, etc. I’ve been a licensed piercer for 9 years, have attended conference, and know how to work out of a statim. I’m looking for a shop that has higher volume and can make use of a piercer that wants to constantly better himself by attending more classes and intensives. I’ve held piercing licenses/certification in Florida and Alabama, and am willing to take whatever courses are necessary to be certified in most states, i also have my First Aid/ CPR certification.

Piercer Available

Hello, my name is Amber I have 3 years of piercing experience, I have researched the subject extensively for more than 7; more than willing to expand my horizons. I am Microsoft Office certified, graduated top of my high school class in business management, and currently earning my Bachelor’s in Jurisprudence. I am educated in sterilizing and sanitizing equipment, proper anatomy, jewelry sizing, etc. I yearn to advance my career and sadly Baltimore isn’t the city to do such.  My portfolio can be located on Facebook and Instagram. FB: Rings of Rage IG:@rings_of_rage

Piercer Wanted

`Must have at least 5 years professional verifiable experience.
`Must be ready and willing to sell body jewelry and offer all levels of piercing services
`Must be humble, motivated and have a good attitude and willing to learn through all stages of your employment.
`Large opportunity for growth and advancement, possible partnership opportunities for the right candidate.

Basic overview: Our artist owned and operated tattoo and body piercing studio is looking for long-term dependable head piercing artist to add to our crew. Located in sunny Santa Barbara with a prime downtown location just steps from the beach. Large student population in town as well as year round tourists resulting in a great client base. We have a large selection of all types of body jewelry, giving our piercers the opportunity to earn a commission on jewelry sales, as well as piercings. Currently, we stock and sell lots of high quality jewelry for our clients such as BVLA, Body Gems, Industrial Strength, Diablo Organcis and Tawapa. Even though we currently sell a lot of jewelry we still feel like there is opportunity and room for growth for jewelry sales and piercing services. We currently have part time staff but are seeking a dedicated head master piercer to manage the piercing side of our busy business.

If you’re interested, please provide at least 10 examples/pictures of work with some general information. Please include a list previous shop experience. All applications will remain confidential.  We are scheduling Guest Spots for candidates we feel are a good fit.

We are not currently an APP shop however we are willing to make that happen for the right candidate.

We are currently an all female staff of tattoo artists and body piercers however we consider all applications based on experience.

Piercing Apprenticeship Available

I have been piercing since 2013 and I have done most of my piercings myself i have done one or two on my boyfriend and I am looking for a job that can help me get into the piercing business. I live in North Carolina if that might help find someone that needs an apprentice. Please contact me if you know anyone who would like an apprentice. I made up the company name because I don’t have a company.

The Point Issue #72

Point #72

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Piercer Wanted

The Museum of Living Arts in Charleston SC is hiring a full time Piercer

We are a Medium to High volume, walk in piercing studio with two locations in the Charleston area, and have been in business for over 10 years.

We are a “piercing only” studio with a heavy focus on “fine body jewelry” sales.  Currently we are doing guest spots in order to fill the position. The Ideal candidate will have 3+ years of experience, be outgoing, a good sales person, detail oriented and must either be, or desire to become an APP member.  Our studios and jewelry meet all APP standards. You must have excellent bedside manner, customer service skills and work well without structure.

A resume and links to your portfolio are required, references are appreciated.  Please have photos that display a range of your work.

Drama queens, people with giant egos, rockstars, alcoholics, or drug addicts need not apply. You may send me a private message for details, or contact Michael Bernhardt… as I will be off the grid until late October.

Museum of Living Arts

Charleston SC

Yes! There are APP Members employed at this studio.

Laura Davis or Michael Bernhardt