Piercer Wanted

Job Type: Piercer Wanted

Company Name: Good Life – Body Piercing + Fine Jewelry

Job Location: Akron, OH, USA

Job Description: Good Life – Body Piercing + Fine Jewelry, located in Akron, OH, USA is looking for a FULL TIME PIERCER!!!!!!! My name is Jeremiah Currier and I am the head piercer and shop owner. I am wanting to step down and step away from piercing just a bit. I am wanting to focus on managing and expanding the studio, our staff, our jewelry selection and also starting my new family. We are looking for an experienced and well rounded piercer. Someone who understands quite well and has a passion for the entire piercing experience. Must have at least moderate knowledge of high quality jewelry metals/stones, knowledgeable customer service, thorough troubleshooting and care instructions, bedside manner and of course the execution of safe and clean piercing procedures with ease. We would prefer to hire someone who is well versed in body piercing, confident in is his/her skill and someone who does all body piercings including surface anchors, “basic” genital piercings and at least 5 yrs of piercing experience. Our clients have come to know and expect great service in and out of the piercing room, and we plan to continue and uphold that standard. We offer many basic piercings at ages 14+, all other body piercings at 18+, and I currently am the only piercer who also does children’s earlobes at ages 5+. The piercing volume ranges from 6-15 Monday through Thursday and about 10-20 on Fridays & Saturday. There is talk of reopening on Sundays when we have enough staff to take on that day. Someone who is or would quickly like to become an APP member is a plus. Someone who promotes themselves well is a plus. Someone who comes to work with good energy and even a little bit extra to give is a plus. Someone who is familiar with gold jewelry is a plus. Someone who is willing to relocate to Akron, OH, USA is obviously a plus and a necessity. We are hoping to book some week long interviews soon. All resumes and questions to jeremiahcurrier@yahoo.com

Contact Name: Jeremiah Currier

Contact Email: jeremiahcurrier@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.goodlifeakron.com

Are there APP members employed at this studio?: YES! There are APP members employed at this studio.