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Piercer Available

I have been a Piercer since I was 17 (2009) unfortunately I couldn’t call myself a professional until 2012. While traveling;  without knowing it at the time, I visited an APP studio in New York. I must have visited 20 shops on the same street before I felt safe enough to get work done. After that visit I knew there was something missing. The most important component to a good procedure, quality jewelry.  I knew I had to excel my methods and produce what my clients deserve.  I started researching and reading about every avenue of body modification I could get my hands on. I knew if I ever wanted to be notable in this industry exactly what I had to do. I approached my current boss with the new knowledge I gained, it became clear to me this step was not going to take place at my current location.  I quit, knowing I could not keep in good conscience if I continued piercing this way.

Along this journey I did find a shop that was the next step. This is where I eliminated external threads for good, and didn’t touch a piece that wasn’t of implant grade materials. The difference in healing was mind blowing.  For the next two years I expanded to freehand techniques in all cartilage areas and genitals.  I noticed in most procedures I didn’t have a single drop of blood leave my clients body. It felt amazing knowing the less trauma I created the safer my clients felt, and the faster it healed. Today, I have the same passion I did almost eight years ago when this whole quest started. I’m looking for a shop that will allow me to further my path, and continually strive to evolve with the APP standards. The goal itself if to become a member and work in an approved shop. I know at this point in my life the only thing I’ve ever been in love with is being a Piercer. Handing over that mirror and watching the reaction on my clients face as they marvel in their own bravery. I could give you another 100 reasons why pursuing this career was the best decision I have ever made. To this day, it still kills me this life is even possible.  I’m willing to pick up and leave everything I have here to further my passion in this industry. Even if that means living in a shitty motel until I get on my feet in this new city.  I have a digital portfolio I’m 100% willing to send along with reference to the shops I’ve worked in. Completely certified here in Ohio, but can easily obtain what ever necessary your state may need.

Contact: (440)-309-8588
Willing to relocate
From Cleveland
I would like to work with APP members.
Jessica Smith