Piercer Wanted

Spider-Bite, Inc. is currently looking for a flexible part time body piercing practitioner with the potential for a full time position.

Some experience is a must. It is required you have a strong work ethic, positive attitude, great personal skills and a want to succeed in the industry. We also require you to be up to date with certifications,
recent portfolio and willing to promote yourself and our business.

We have the biggest selection of the finest body jewelry in the area including BVLA, Body Gems, Anatometal, Industrial Strength,
LeRoi, NeoMetal, Tawapa, Maya, Evolve and others.

We will supply you with tools, jewelry, sterilization equipment and a private room to use. Currently, we do not have any APP members
but are very interested in working with those who are.

~Special exceptions for new body piercers and experienced apprentices needing sign offs~

Contact us via email at info@spider-bite.com
or call us at 603-645-1449.