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Piercing Apprenticeship Available

Reno Tattoo Co. is looking for a Piercing Apprentice!

Do you love body piercings, quality body jewelry, and working with people? Are you friendly, timely, and hygienic? Are you excited to learn and grow while you build a career? This might be the step you’ve been waiting for!

We’re looking for someone who fits the following:
• You’re a hard worker and self starter
• You have a passion for body piercings and jewelry
• You are NOT trying to become a tattoo artist
• You have experience in customer service
• You have excellent personal hygiene
• You are a people person – and are excited to help all types of people walk out happier than when they came in

To apply, come see us in person at 143 N. Virginia St. in downtown Reno with your resume and contact information.

Note that this apprenticeship is unpaid, will be time consuming, and what you get from it depends entirely on how much you put in to it. If you have school or a job we can work with you. We will go over the terms of your apprenticeship – schedule, responsibilities, and what to expect – during the interviews we conduct.

Reno Tattoo Co.
Reno, NV
No. There are no APP members employed at this studio.
Jordan Isaacson

Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted

My name is Tabitha Grandjean and I am currently a senior at Temple university as a student in Biological Anthropology. I plan to move to Japan in about a year and am learning Japanese. I am  seeking an apprenticeship starting next summer.

I will have completed my second anatomy class by this time and plan to continue to study anatomy through my final semester at Temple. I am reading through the Piercing Bible by Elayne Angel currently. I am a body modification enthusiast and I plan to continue my own modification journey. I would like to go into the realms of scarification, implants, and eventually suspension as I learn.

I plan to receive first aid training and blood borne pathogen certification by the American Red Cross. I am also willing to take any other courses and obtain any certifications that may be required of me.


I would like to work with APP members.
Tabitha Grandjean

Piercing Apprenticeship Available

My name is Sean Philips and I am a professional piercer of 18 years. I am opening a brand new shop in February and will be seeking an apprentice to train. I have apprenticed three people before and all are highly successful and respected piercers currently. The shop will be built to exceed APP standards and we will apply for membership for all of our piercers. Our shop will pierce with only the best American made, internally threaded (or threadless) implant grade jewelry from companies such as Anatometal, Neometal and BVLA. We will be stocking a HUGE amount of jewelry from the previously mentioned companies as well as Diablo, Tawapa, Maya, Gorilla Glass, Glassheart, Bishop Organics, Scylla and many, many more.

Apprentices will be learning body piercing history, freehand technique, jewelry knowledge, anodizing, operating out of a statim autoclave, piercing specific retail skills, universal precautions and much more.