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Piercing Apprenticeship Available

My name is Sean Philips and I am a professional piercer of 18 years. I am opening a brand new shop in February and will be seeking an apprentice to train. I have apprenticed three people before and all are highly successful and respected piercers currently. The shop will be built to exceed APP standards and we will apply for membership for all of our piercers. Our shop will pierce with only the best American made, internally threaded (or threadless) implant grade jewelry from companies such as Anatometal, Neometal and BVLA. We will be stocking a HUGE amount of jewelry from the previously mentioned companies as well as Diablo, Tawapa, Maya, Gorilla Glass, Glassheart, Bishop Organics, Scylla and many, many more.

Apprentices will be learning body piercing history, freehand technique, jewelry knowledge, anodizing, operating out of a statim autoclave, piercing specific retail skills, universal precautions and much more.