Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted

Ya, OK I’ve seen dozens of ads with people looking for piercing apprenticeships, and they all sound exactly the same. So I will be brief and to – the – point.
Why would I be a great apprentice?
I come from a health care and customer service background. I have experience with blood borne, air borne, etc. Pathogens and am meticulous about cleanliness and sanitation and preventing cross contamination.
Excellent people skills, very keen eye for detail and nuances.
I am very smart, a fast leaner, respectful, and I know my place and am willing to work my way up.
I follow the APP website and am always keeping myself informed on their recommended best practices.
I have been getting pierced (and tattooed) for over a decade and have observed industry chances and advancements with great interest.

My personal Piercings – all done by professionals at shops with autoclaves.
-nostril X 2 same side
-nipple X 2 simultaneously
-tongue (retired)

I have never pierced anyone. But I’d like to, very much. In the right environment, supervised, and properly trained.

I am currently a flight attendant, 25 years old, female, professional and friendly.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, and you would like to discuss having a loyal and worthy apprentice to your piercing studio please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone.

Thanks for your time.