Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted

Hello my name is Angela I have about 5 Tattoos and 23 piercings and growing. I am very interested in becoming a piercer and I am looking for a mentor. I am a People person not scared of needles (obviously) or blood. My coolest piercing was my bridge it looked like a needle in my eye. I am currently stretching my ears Im at 1/2 next step 9/16. I am not what you call society likes. I am me I am unique and would love to have a job that fits me like my personality. I am willing to move under right circumstances currently I have blue hair and yes shaven underneath like I said I am unique and very interested in becoming a piercer and please get ahold of me if I sound like your kinda gal. Oh yeah I am very down to earth and I do not have shyness of learning to pierce anywhere on the human body anatomy.