Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted

I am seeking a piercing apprenticeship with an experienced and professional mentor.

I’m a friendly, outgoing character, currently working on the desk at a renowned piercing studio in the North East, alongside a great apprentice and a highly skilled senior piercer.  I am fully trained in first aid and HSE compliant Blood Borne Pathogens and Infection Control Certificate.  My knowledge extends beyond retail to providing correct jewellery for the customers needs and providing accurate and safe aftercare advice.
My personal interest extends from a love for modification from a young age, to performing piercings on myself. I am currently studying the structure of skin, sterilisation and basic piercing techniques, expanding my own knowledge with a view to eventually a portfolio in the meantime.

I want to keep this bit short, but if you would like to know more then please don’t hesitate to get in touch :)