Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted

Hello, my name is Jorge Lorenzana. I’ve been an aspiring piercer for some years now, spending much of my time researching pretty much anything having to do with piercing and/or tattoos. I have multiple piercings of my own, as well as knowledge on piercing techniques, pain control techniques, aftercare techniques, location of piercings, name of piercings, etc. I have successfully stretched my ear lobes to a size of 9/16 by myself, no rips, no “blowouts.” My admiration for piercing and my want to become one of the best, most professional body modification/piercing technician is unlimited. I began an apprenticeship at Down the Rabbit Hole in Lake Worth, Florida (Jekyll was my mentor), but due to job changes and state changes, I had to stop. I want to make this my main passion. I can work incredibly hard, and learn very quickly, along with my passion for this, makes me a diamond in the rough. My search brought me here because of my requirement of finding an experienced teacher who takes this just as seriously as I do, and will. I live in Far Rockaway right now, and work in Brooklyn. I’m willing to come in any time after 6 pm, due to my job, unfortunately, but am willing to work as long as the night requires, everyday of the week, side by side with my other job. Please, someone give me the opportunity to prove to them that I can be an invaluable asset in our piercing community. Contact number: 347-320-2199