Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted

My name is Katarina. I’m 18 years old and I’m interested in a piercing appretenship in Fayetteville Georgia . I have always been fascinated with body modification . I have a few piercings myself & I NEED more & I have 00 gauges and my tongue pierced . I also have a tattoo on my right thigh and one on my right side. I am really interested in becoming a professional piercer. It;s the perfect job for me . Stabbing people & giving them gorgeous jewelry is great :) I really want to learn the proper way to pierce people in a clean, safe manor. As well as informing the customers on proper piercing aftercare . My best friend is a professional piercer, and I would love to make this passion a professional career. Would any piercing studio in Fayetteville Georgia help me make this dream of mine a reality? I promise you won’t regret it :)