Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted

My name is Chloe, I’m eighteen years of age, and I’m looking to get a job in the body modification (piercing and scarification specifically) industry.
I am very interested in these body art types and have been for many years (I do have piercings myself but due to my current jobs haven’t been able to get other modifications I want) and would love to turn this passion into a career.
I believe in safe, hygienic piercing procedures and want to learn how to do it under a professional’s guidance. This is how I came about searching for an apprenticeship and APP.
You will notice I put three locations in my application. The reason for this is I currently live in Australia and plan to be here until February 2015. If I don’t find an apprenticeship before then, I’ll be moving to New Zealand where my family lives. I plan on travelling around NZ and looking for a respectable piercer whom will take me on as an apprentice. If I have no luck there, I plan on getting a working visa for Canada and my plans are the same there as they are for NZ.
I am a very hard worker and have many years of customer service experience (from my jobs in hospitality). I am willing to take any necessary courses before I start an apprenticeship. I’d be happy to work any hours your shop requires and will very happily start from the bottom (setting up equipment, cleaning, desk work etc). DRAMA FREE/ILLEGAL DRUG FREE.
I look forward to hearing from you and possibly working under your knowledge in the near future.