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Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted

Job Type: Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted

Company Name: Sam Dutton

Job Location: Salt Lake City

Job Description: I am searching for a piercing apprenticeship anywhere in the U.S. I have been Blood Borne Pathogen certified through Red Cross and will be attending the Piercing Conference in Las Vegas this June. I have always been fascinated with the human body and with piercings for years and would like to pursue this passion. I currently work in a jewelry and body jewelry store so I am familiar with many different piercing types and I am very good with the different types of body jewelry. I also do ear lobe and cartilage piercing at this shop.
I would be willing to relocate for an apprenticeship and would be able to do so easily.

Contact Name: Sam Dutton

Contact Email:


Are there APP members employed at this studio?: I would like to work with APP members

Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted: Anna Hoffman

[1_Job Type] => Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted
[2_Company Name] => Anna hoffmann
[3_Job Location] => Sacramento
[4_Job Description] => My name is Anna Hoffman I am dying to find an apprenticeship I am currently looking in Sacramento but am willing to go further. I have completed my blood borne pathogen class through Red Cross, as well as a basic work shop and Fakir Intensives. This is something I’ve wanted to do do since I was 14 years old. I will keep trying and trying until I find a mentor. I am motivated and determined to make it happen. This is my passion and my dream. I will up root and move it is necessary. I only hope that I can get a chance to train under a master please give me a email if you are looking for a apprentice thank you!
[5_Contact Name] => Anna hoffmann
[6_Contact Email] =>
[7_Website] =>
[8_Are there APP members employed at this studio?] => I would like to work with APP members