The Point

The Point 46-47 both covers

–> The Point is the Quarterly Journal of the Association of Professional Piercers containing articles on piercing techniques, body-art legislation, history, and anthropology, as well as reports on Conferences and events in the US and around the world. Like no other publication available, The Point covers anything and everything of interest to the professional body piercer—or anyone interested in learning more about our industry.

–> The Point is published four times a year. The Web version is in full-color and is available for free download in PDF form. The print version is published with a full-color cover and black-and-white interior and is available by subscription for $20 per year. Print subscriptions are free to APP members, legislators, and healthcare professionals. (Contact our office for details.)

–> The Point is a forum for anyone to contribute articles that relate to our industry. Past issues have included articles from not only APP members and other professional piercers, but also jewelry manufacturers, health inspectors, legislators, and others who have something to say unique to us and about us. (Submit an article)

–> The Point is a forum for informative articles, not ad-driven content like other mass-market body art industry publications.

–> The Point does contain some advertising, but we reserve the right to refuse ads that are not considered suitable for our publication. (For information about advertising in The Point)

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