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The Point issue #60 2012 (8.76 MB)

In Issue # 60:
4 President’s Corner
6 Internet Posting Etiquette
7 Social Media for Piercers
8 Making Safe Piercing Viral
10 The APP Brochures Overview: What They Are and How to Use Them
12 To Pierce a Minor
14 Legislative Update
16 The 17th Annual APP Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada – 2012
18 Volunteer Thank You
22 Award Winner for Creative Innovation: Jimmy Buddha- Diablo Organics
24 Award Winner for Technical Innovation: Jason Pfohl-Gorilla Glass
26 Al D. Scholars
28 President’s Award Winner: Steve Joyner
The Point issue #59 2012 (5 MB)
# 59 Summer 2012: The Point issue #59 2012 (5 MB)
4 President’s Corner,
6 The Tongue-Drive System,
22 Tribe 20th Anniversary,
24 APTPI 7th Annual International Educational Meeting,
26 Brian Murphy,
30 Dallas SusCon,
32 Brian Giliam and more
The Point issue #58 2011 (5 MB)
# 58 Spring 2012 (5 MB)
4 President’s Corner
6 In the office
8 Body Art and Activism
10 Step-down threading
14 Oregon Body Art regulations
16 Conference and Exposition Classes and Conference Schedule
19 Tattooist & Piercers Association of Brazil
22 Pinterest and the triple forward helix
24 Surface anchor removal
28 Piercing business warning issued
32 The Central Texas piercers group
and more
The Point issue #57 2011 (7.1 MB)
# 57 Fall 2011 (7.1 MB)
4 President’s Corner
6 Wings of Desire 10th SusCon
10 Suspension of Belief
18 Dallas SusCon 2011
24 APTPI 7th Italian SusCon
28 California Safe Body Arts Bill
30 BMXnet 2011
32 A Colorful, Studded Path of Research
36 Protesting Shark Fin Soup
and more
The Point issue #56 2011 (7.06 MB)
# 56 Summer 2011 (7.06 MB)
4 In The Office
6 President’s Corner
8 Board Member Goodbyes
12 Transmogrify
16 Skin Prep Review: Microsan RX
18 Pre-sterilized Needles and Piercing Instruments
20 Art, Counter-Culture, and Community
24 From Lost to Found Travel: Body Art and Adornment in India
28 Tangible Marketing
30 Las Vegas Conference 2011
40 CoRE: A Journey to Enlightenment
44 Australian Footballer Removed from Game for Genital Piercing
and more
The Point issue #55 2011 (6.26 MB)
# 55 Spring 2011 (6.26MB)
4 President’s Corner
8 ASAP: Association Safe Piercing – Sweden
9 BioPatch: A Useful Product for Piercers?
10 Brazilian Body Art Takes the Streets
14 APP Tattoo Convention Outreach
16 Volunteering
18 Running the Gauntlet
20 Alcohol and Povidone-Iodine Swab Recall
21 Surgilube Recall
22 Tongue Jewelry: Biofilm and Bacterial Counts
23 Bulloch County, GA Bans External Threading
24 Iacono vs. Johnston County School District
26 Medical Research on Body Art
28 Developing a Studio Exit Strategy
30 Techni-Care CounterPoint
34 Price vs. Value
36 Remembering Zid
and more
Issue 54
# 54 Winter 2011 (8.6 MB)
President’s Corner
In The Office / CPR Update
The Banana Theory: How Customers Spoil
Opti-Scrub: A Replacement For Techni-Care?
The First Apt Trade Show And Exposition
APP Mexico Seminars 2010
6th Annual APTPI Italian Suscon
The 4th International BMXnet Conference
The Union Of Tattooing And Body Piercing Studios Of São Paulo, Part 1
On The APP Membership Committee
and more
Issue 53# 53 Fall 2010 (8.6 MB)
Chile Seminars/Seminarios de Chile (English and Spanish)
Oslo Suscon
Glass Piercing Jewelry in Southeast Asia and China
Inventory control
Tattooing is Ruled “Free Speech” by U.S.. Court of Appeals
The British Journal of Medical Practitioners Publishes Study on Men with Genital Piercings
Re/Search Interviews
Issue 52
# 52 Summer 2010 (4.5 MB)
APP Las Vegas Conference 2010
Conference Workshops
El Circo Show
Implementing Change After Conference
Pre-Piercing Skin Prep (What To Do When You Run Out of Techni-Care)
Deciding on the Right POS System For Your Studio
Board Member Goodbyes
Who's Got a Grudge Against Gauges?
Issue 51
# 51 Spring 2010 (4.5 MB)
APTPI 2nd International Meeting
New Board Members
The Bay Area Piercing Group
Conference Class Descriptions and Schedule
Class of ‘96
Issue 50

# 50 Winter 2009 (4.8 MB)
Surface Anchor Update
Surface Anchor Legislation Update
BMXnet Conference 2009
APP Mexico City Seminars 2009
2257 Regulations Update
Making Piercing a Lifetime Career
Be Smart with Body Art Campaign
Issue 49
# 49 Fall 2009
APP T-Shirt Contest
Surface Anchors, Punches, and Legislation Issues Part II
Care-Tech Laboratories
ADHA and NEHA, First Aid, CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens Teacher Training, and the Third Quarter Meeting of the APP Board–All in One Week
The Saviours in Oaxacaa
Dallas Suscon 2009
Issue 48
# 48 Summer 2009
Conference 2009 Recap
Modern Primitives 20th Anniversary
Interview with V. Vale
Reflections on the 2009 APP Conference
Surface Anchor Legislation Issues
California Legislation Update
Josh A. Prentiss Volunteer Award
Download double issue Point 46/47

Issue 46/47
# 47 Spring 2009 / #46 Winter 2008
In issue #47:
The First APTPI International Conference in Milan
California Body Art Legislation Takes a Step Forward
Minimizing Risks and Damage from Oral Piercings
Traditions & Legends of Body Piercing in Ancient Mexico
Glass as a Material For Body Jewelry, Part 2
The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention

In issue #46:
The ONE Project 2009
Abre Camino
Handwashing vs. Antiseptic Hand Gels
Glass as a Material For Body Jewelry, Part 1
Issue 45
# 45 Fall 2008 (2MB)
Suspension: Mishap and the Media
The 7th Annual Oslo SusCon
The APP in Mexico
The 2008 BMXnet Conference
Issue 44
# 44 Summer 2008
Robert's Rules of Order
An Approach to Genital Piercings Part 5
ADHA and NEHA: A Travel Diary
Las Vegas Conference 2008
Thanks to the 2008 Conference Volunteers
Tattooing and Piercing Among the Alaskan Aleut
Piercing with Darts!

Issue 43

# 43 Spring 2008
An Approach to Genital Piercings Part 4
Campaign Against Discrimination in Mexico
New Body Art Law in France
BMXnet Conference 2007
Meet the New Board
How to Survive Conference
Woman Says TSA Forced Piercing Removal

Issue 42
# 42 Winter 2007
An Approach to Genital Piercings Part 3
APP in Mexico
New Jewelry Law in California Part 2
Response to "On Writing"


Issue 41 censored

Issue 41 uncensored
# 41 Fall 2007
An Approach to Genital Piercings Part 2
New California Legislation Part 1
Revealing Luis Rove
Aftercare vs. Client Care
Legislation in Mexico
Natural Aftercare
On Writing

issue 40
# 40 Summer 2007
Post-Conference Blues
An Approach to Genital Piercings Part 1
What Do I Get From APP Membership?
Educational Seminars: The APP in Mexico
Glove Testing
APP Conference 2007
Wood Hazards: A Guide to Potentially Dangerous Hardwoods

Issue 39

# 39 Spring 2007 (2.8 MB)
New APP Board Members
San Diego Museum of Man
In memory of Josh Prentice
An Odyssey in Glass
Conference Schedule / Info
Issue 38

# 38 Winter 2006 / 2007 (2MB)
APTPI 4th Italian Congress 2006
Tongue Piercing, Trigeminal Neuralgia, and the "Suicide Disease"
Surface Anchors
Guest Piercing
point 37
# 37 Fall 2006 (4 MB)
The ONE Project Invitation and Concept
Alicia Cardenas
Tiana McGuire and Chuck McGuire
Jesika Bornsen
Leo / Fernando
Steve B
Mike Martin

Issue 36

# 36 Summer 2006 (1.4 MB)
ACHA Conference 2006
School House Rocks! lied to me
Las Vegas Conference 2006
Issue 35
# 35 Spring 2006
Legislation in the Twin Cities
Interview with Adorn
The Missing Nostril Jewelry
Cartilage Complications
How to Handle Price Shoppers
APP Mexico Conference
A Little Cuban Boy's Perception of the State of Body Piercing in Mexico

Issue 34
# 34 Spring 2005
Interview: Didier Suarez at Enigma
Fakir: Life After piercing
Gemstones and Chakras
Real Life Crime Drama: The Jimmy Buddha Story
Release Forms
At the 2006 APHA Conference
Mods and MRIs Part 2
Questioning Our Identity
Needle Safety in Freehand Piercing
The Al D. Scholarship
Paul King's Goodbye
Life in the Phishbowl

Issue 33
# 33 Fall 2005 (3.52 MB) ALL NEW LOOK!!!
Old Board Members say Goodbye
APP Attends Health Association Conferences
Rituals of Life: Phuket Vegetarian Festival
Promoting and Safeguarding Tattooing and Piercing in Italy
2005 APP Conference Review
A Tale of Two Cities (Seattle & Chicago)
Know Your Gloves
New Regulations May Affect Piercing Websites
A Statistical Look at Surface Bars
Unwanted Help

Issue 32
# 32 Spring 2005 (1.1 MB)
Meet the New APP Board
Piercing in the News
10th Annual APP Conference
Ins & Outs of PA Piercings
Rasmus Nielson—Sideshowman
Studio Review
Employee Management Part 5
Precious Jewelry
Issue 31
# 31 Winter 2004 (896KB)
Emu Oil for Post Piercing Care
Aboriginal Tongue Piercing
Studio Review
Employee Management part 4
Infection Control
VCH Piercings
Wound Healing—part 2
Piercing in the News

Issue 30
# 30 Fall 2004 (1.1MB)
APP at the ACHA
Introducing Gold in Your Shop
Metal Detectors
Laws on Posting "Adult" Content on Websites
Rings of Desire Studio Review
Employee Management Part 3
Biocompatibility of Glass
Treatment of Piercing Infections

Issue 29
# 29 Summer 2004 (973KB)
APP Conference 2004 Review
Lip Piercing
Blood Donation
2004 Membership Directory
APP Updates Membership Categories
Wound Healing - Part 1
In Search of the Oldest Labret
Paskistani Steel
Issue 28
# 28 Spring, 2004 (756KB)
APP Conference 2004
Displays Can Make a Difference
APHA and the APP
Septum Piercing Tips
Employment Management II
Studio Ultrasonics
To Rotate or Not to Rotate
Nostril Screw Poster
Jewelry Materials: Steel
The Piercing Scene in Mexico

Issue 27
# 27 Winter 2003 (1MB)
Amsterdam Conference in Review
The Nostril Phenomenon
Selling Gold Jewelry
Oral Piercings
Studio Review: Aware
The Conch Piercing II
Just say No!
Emu Oil
Employment Management I

Issue 26
# 26 Fall 2003 (864KB)
APP Conference 2003 in Review
An Introduction to Gemstones
Herbal Piercing Care
Genital Piercings
The Conch Piercing I
Dental Dangers
Review: BME IAM
Appropriate Labeling

Issue 25
# 25 May 2003 (858KB)
The Legend & Legacy of Doug Malloy
Gold Jewelry Facts
Female Nipple Piercing
Surface Piercings
Studio Review: Nomad
Continuing Education
Yellow Pages Advertising
Call for Statistics
Product Reviews: J-bars & H2Ocean

Issue 24
# 24 March 2003 (1.73MB)
Understanding Steel
Piercing Marketing
Developing a Mission Statement
The Male Nipple Piercing
Studio Interview: Twisted Sol
Product Review: Nalgene Bottles
Medical/Dental Corner
Legal Update

Issue 23
# 23 December 2002 (528KB)
1st International APP Amsterdam Conference
APP Educates APHA
Survey of Piercers
Florida Arrests
The Phuket Vegetarian Festival
Studio Interview: Camden Chameleon
Product Review: Black Cat Tattoo Soap
Body Piercing and Accutane
Worst Piercing Story (Cheek Piercing Dangers)
Oral Piercing Brochure
Issue 22
# 22 September 2002 (560KB)
2002 APP Conference in Review
Aftercare Poll
Meet the Board
Tygon Application and Efficacy
Bloodletting Rituals
History of Body Piercing: Ampallang
Studio Review: Body Rites-Austin
Patterson Dental Slams Oral Piercing
Product Review: Dr. Piercing Aftercare Swabs
Amsterdam Registration Information

Issue 21
# 21 June 2002 (572KB)
Thank you to Vendors
APP Attends APHA
APP Member Listing
Jewelry Removal Tips
History of Infibulation II
Conference Photos
In-House Manufacturing
Tea Tree Oil

Issue 20
# 20 April 2002 (300KB)
APP Member Listing
Brain Abscess from Piercing
Annual Conference 2002
Sharon Upton
Al D. Scholarships
Pre-Procedure Skin Preparation
Product Review: Mederma
Imposter's Web Page
Cork Testing

Issue 19
# 19 December 2001 (656KB)
APP 2001 Conference
Sterilization Monitoring
Seminar Review
Western History of Infibulation
Product Reviews: Pyrex NRTs & ScarEase
Body Piercing in New Zealand
Legislation Updates

Issue 18
# 18 June 2001 (696KB)
Campaign Against Piercing Kits
APP represented in Massachusetts
BBP Course Online
Body Piercing and MRI Scans
Welcome to Technology
Collodial Silver Risks
Studio Review: Top Tattoo
Workers Hands and P. Aeruginosa
Product Review: Simply Saline
Communicable Disease Coverage
Junk Jewelry

Issue 17
# 17 February, 2001 (960KB)
APP Conference 2001
APHA 2000
Legislative Update
Piercing/Tattoo Studios
Internet Resource Guide
Consistency is a Virtue
Studio Review: Evolution
Latex Reactions
The APP at Work for You

Issue 16
# 16 October 1999 (1.2 MB)
1999 Conference
Hepatitis A
Benefits of APP Membership
Alcohol Based Hand Gels
Membership Levels
Choosing a Piercer Brochure
To Pierce or Not?
Adolescent Body Piercing
Spore Testing

Point 15
# 15 May 1999 (5.3 MB)
Hepatitis C
Flash Sterilization
Nickel in Foods
Satin Aftercare
Needle Stick Chart
Benefits of membership

Issue 14
# 14 April 1999 (1.24MB)
Hepatitis B
Highlights of 1999 APP Conference
Board Members Resign
APHA Review
Benefits of APP Membership
Campus Health Centers
Body Art in New Zealand
Studio Review: Body Piercing Specialists
APP Member listing
Product Review: Tech 2000

Point 13
# 13 Summer 1998 (5.5 MB)
Members vote on the New Jewelry Standards & Board
In the studio
Biomaterials Law
Acting Board
Members List

Point 12
# 12 First Quarter 1998 (1.4 MB)
Europe: September 1997
Eyebrow Piercing without Clamps
Chemicals: Aftercare Revisited
Media Buzz: Tongue Piercing Danger
Changes in the Board
APP Survey "Women in Our Industry"

Point 11
# 11 Fall 1997 (220KB)
Thoughts on Threading
Business Forum
Changes in the APP Board
Business Member Listing
APP Basic Ten Health and Safety Guidelines
Piercing Friendly Doctors

Point 10
# 10 June 1997 (720 KB)
California Legislation Update
1997 APP Fundraiser Raffle
1997 Open Meeting
More on Sterile Gloves
Our Gratitude!
Anesthetics: Helpful or Hurtful?
Changes in the Board
New Members

Point 9

# 9 January 1997 (704 KB)
This Year's Open Meeting
Chemical Sterilization Indicators
Sterile Gloves & Digressions
Paying Attention to Detail
Carbamide Peroxide
Quincy, MA: Rites of Passage
Wisconsin Update
Latex Allergies

Point 8
# 8 August 1996 (756 KB)
This Year: Las Vegas. Next Year: Disneyworld!
Changes in the Board
Sterile Gloves
APP Archives Underway
New APP Tshirts!
Jewelry Quality
The Triangle of Death
A Word From Your Treasurer
Madacide Efficacy Bulletin

Point 7
# 7 February 1996 (536 KB)
A Word of Caution
The KY Conspiracy
Insurance Pioneers
A Clinical Study of Bactroban
Painless Piercing? Warning!
Legislative Updates
Hand Washing
What Are Ethics?
APP General Meeting Everyone Welcome!
Oregon Update

Point 6
# 6 November 1995 (760 KB)
An Open Letter to Supporters of the APP
FYI: Slimy Tongues
APP Business Members
Piercing-Friendly Physicians
Photos: Ear Piercing Gun Damage
The APP Joins the APHA
APP on the World Wide Web
Oregon Regulates Piercing!
Some Thoughts on Lubrication
Threading Survey

Point 5
# 5 September 1995 (752 KB)
Female Genital Piercings
Piercing Friendly Doctors
Hard Surface Disinfectants: Spray or Wipes?
Brass Jaw Pliers
CSR Wrap
A New Yellow Pages Heading for Piercers
Dealing with Problem Shops
The Trouble with Ear Guns
APP Directory
Piercing Insurance is Now Available!
Piercing Kits

Point 4
# 4 April 1995 (376 KB)
Legislation Alert!
Some Ideas and Topics That Might Be Relevant to Discuss
Should We Pierce Minors...Or Animals?
What's Up With Niobium?
Membership Update
Piercing Friendly Doctors

Point 3
# 3 April 1995 (376 KB)
Resource List
Another Plea!
Saline Solution
Product Alert: Safeskin Gloves
Errata: Ethics in Piercing
Stainless Steel
Internet Update
Piercings and Surgery
What is a Professional?
Table for Disinfection and Sterilization

Point 2
# 2 January 1995 (740 KB)
Product Alert #1 Tegaderm
Jewelry Metals
Bob's Burritos, Bikes, Books, and Body Piercing?
Ethics in Piercing
Responsible Piercing
Product Alert #2 Pleasure Plus Condoms

Point 1
# 1 (Undated 1994) (948 KB)
Welcome to the Point
A Piercee's Bill of Rights
The Basic 10
From Sterile to Clean to Contaminated (chart)
Medical Product/Procedure Updates

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