Point #61: The APP Brochures Overview Article Two: What They Are and How to Use Them

Julie Taylor, April Berardi, and Lou Quino

There is a hefty stack of informational brochures available through the Association of Professional Piercers that can be used in a variety of ways to educate the public about safe piercing. To help you better make use of these resources, we’ve summarized a few of these helpful educational pamphlets below and listed a number of ways in which studios have successfully utilized this vital information.

This is the second of three articles about the APP’s brochures. In this segment, we’ll be discussing “Oral Piercing Risks & Safety Measures,” “Body Aftercare,” and “Oral Aftercare”

Name of Brochure: Oral Piercing Risks & Safety Measures
“A well-informed and discerning consumer is subject to far fewer dangers than one with incomplete or inaccurate information. When properly performed, the piercing procedure itself takes only a few seconds and involves minimal discomfort and often no blood. Healing is commonly rapid and uneventful.”

This brochure can help a piercee not only seek out a safe place to be pierced by a professional, but also provides guidelines for the appropriate placement, aftercare, and jewelry for oral piercings.  This brochure also succinctly outlines the steps required to diminish potential hazards and concerns, such as the fear of an unsafe procedure, the potential for damage to teeth and oral structures, and the risk of infection.

The risks of piercings can only be truly controlled with the conscientious efforts of 2010brochuressafe piercers to share accurate information with the public. We suggest the use of the following two pamphlets to educate anyone who may be interested in oral piercings or may be concerned about oral piercing safety. Members are encouraged to pass along these brochures to any medical professional who may deal with piercees. Examples of these medical professionals include school nurses, dentists, EMT’s, ER personnel, and physicians. Many piercers have also found it helpful to share these during college outreach visits or with local college RA (Resident Assistant) programs.

Name of Brochures: “Oral Aftercare” and “Body Aftercare”
“These guidelines are based on a combination of vast professional experience, common sense, research, and extensive clinical practice. This is not to be considered a substitute for medical advice from a doctor. If you suspect an infection, seek medical attention. Be aware that many doctors have not received specific training regarding piercing.”

These brochures contain helpful information for providing proper aftercare to a client or a potential client. They include helpful hints and tips, what to do and not to do, potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, along with a list of suggested care products.

These pamphlets provide a ready made, full-color alternative to creating your own studio brochures. Shop personnel should distribute these to clients who are receiving oral or body piercings, and to those inquiring about future piercings. Members have found it helpful to share this information with local healthcare professionals, schools, and at conventions.
**Note: The APP has special versions of each of these aftercare brochures available for minors. These brochures include simplified language and are available for outreach to middle schools and high schools.

Studios are always looking for more ways to get involved in their community, to spread the word and to support the APP’s mission. We hope that you found new ways to use the brochures discussed to promote safe piercing. The resources provided by the APP are invaluable and when used by the entire membership; in the same ways, we can impact our communities in a much bigger way than on our own.

To download these and other APP pamphlets, and for more information about the APP brochures and other resources, visit the APP’s website at www.safepiercing.org. You can place an order on the website or by contacting (888) 888-1APP. Or, you can download web or print quality .PDF files of the brochures for free!

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