Point #64: Josh A. Prentice Volunteer Award

Caitlin McDiarmid headshotBy Caitlin McDiarmid

I love that I get to give out the Josh A. Prentice Volunteer Appreciation Award each and every year. Unfortunately, as the years go by, there are fewer and fewer people who knew Josh and worked with him at Conference. Josh (then and now) reminds me to reach out and really find out how people are doing in their lives: to be genuine, give with the whole of your heart, smile more, and say you’re sorry when you make a mistake—and move on. He was just one person, but he still made a difference.

This year’s Josh A. Prentice Volunteer Award recipient is Luis Garcia.

Last year, as I was walking through the banquet hall getting ready to give Gus Diamond his award, I wondered to myself who would be the next recipient. At that very moment Luis walked by me, and I immediately thought, “Jesus, why did you not think of this before?”

This is what I know about Luis Garcia:Point64-Volunteer Award

  • He’s always been super friendly toward me.

  • He has an infectious smile.

  • He’s an amazing instructor at Conference.

  • He served as a board member, and he served honestly—with no bullshit, during a difficult time.

  • He can be brutally blunt, but always gets the job done.

  • He’s got pretty jewelry.

  • As a volunteer, he’s stood close to me many, many, many times while we figured out how best to solve complex problems that arose at Conference.  He understands the reason why we are here—and how best to serve the industry, the APP, the Conference, it’s attendees and vendors.

  • He’s got the respect of most—if not everyone—in our community.

  • He’s been an APP member since 1999.

  • He’s able to teach pretty much anything, and has done so at the drop of a hat.

  • He has a very big voice, gives big hugs, and has a big personality.

  • He is blessed with an abundance of passion.

Recently he talked (on Facebook) about his favorite flower being the passion flower. He called them Maypops, which I had never heard of, but somehow made sense coming from him. I don’t take his classes, but he’s taught me just the same—about being a good manager, about facing difficult problems head on, about being direct when you speak, and showed me how passion gives you strength in all things.

I think everyone in the banquet hall felt that I made a good decision in honoring Luis Garcia with the Josh A. Prentice Volunteer Appreciation Award. He is just one person, but he continuously makes a difference in his studio, at Conference, and in his life.

Congratulations Luis.

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  1. Melanie Prentice Nail says:

    The fact that this takes place honors me greatly!! Congratulations to Luis, and all the past recipients. Joshua was a great man and a awesome person. He thought so very much of the APP, and all it’s members. His spirit lives on with you honoring him.

    Thank You All,

    The Prentice Family<3


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