Safe Piercing guest post by APP member Miro Hernandez of Dandyland Piercing in San Antonio, TX

Why choose to get pierced by an APP member?

Because you and your body deserve so! When you choose to get pierced by an APP member you are making a statement that you and your body value your health and safety more than anything else. Many professionals in various industries are members of professional organizations, why shouldn’t your piercer be in one as well? Granted, there are great piercers out there that are not members, those that choose to do so are showing you their dedication to their occupation, and more importantly, you as a piercee. Though the organization has no say in the matter of a piercer’s skill or merit, members are required to meet a minimal set of standards that cover jewelry and environmental criteria, often times, standards that far exceed the minimal standards that many states have set forth. These standards and requirements set forth by the APP, have your health and safety in mind.

One bad piece of jewelry can lead to a bad experience, easily turning people away from an art form that they could have easily embraced. When you get pierced by an APP member, you are getting pierced by a moral, ethical piercer who refuses to put anything less than the highest quality jewelry in your body. With the amount of jewelry that has flooded the market, not all of it being good for you, you can rest assured that member piercers have made a conscience, knowledgeable decision with proven, factual, scientific evidence that the initial jewelry you are being pierced with is in fact, made specifically to implantation standards and is safe and suitable for your body.

Member piercers often are more than just piercers, but educators as well. They work hard with the general public on educating them as to what they should be looking for when getting pierced, which in turn means that they are seeking out means of furthering and continuing their education. Members will often attend the annual APP conference or travel to work alongside other piercers to seek and gain more knowledge, whether it be technique, safety and cleanliness, jewelry trends, bedside manner, etc., so that you, the piercee, can rest assured that you are in the safest, most knowledgeable of hands.

Piercers tend to be a very passionate bunch and love their professions and the experiences they are able to give their customers. Make your experience a statement that you value your health safety over all else, get pierced by an APP member!

Miro Hernandez
San Antonio, TX
IG @piercermiro


About the author

Owner and piercer at Precision Body Arts in Nashua, New Hampshire. APP business member, conference instructor, outreach and media committee member.

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  1. Sarah Grace says:

    Nice post Miro. I agree with you that piercing needs a professional who can really do the work with respect to one’s body. I am not against those who are not registered piercer. And in choosing jewelry there are lots of jewelry piercing store that can be checked online to suit what they really need.


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