Point #63: Gatewood Press Release

Hi Everyone! I’m retiring this year, and my 50-year archive will be moving to a major institution. It will take awhile to complete the deal, so if any true believers would like to acquire any of my piercing collection, please contact me at charles@charlesgatewood.com. Besides photos of early piercers and piercing Annie&Fakirenthusiasts, I also have several exhibition-quality silver prints and boxes of ephemera (letters, clippings, posters, magazine—like PFIQ and Body Play—flyers, etc). I also have photos from all my best piercing shoots, including Fakir’s Sundance ceremony (1982), many photos from Modern Primitives, plus lots of other collectibles, including a large tattoo archive. I’m in San Francisco, so stop by the shop, RSVP, and get them while you can!


Charles Gatewood
Box 410052
San Francisco, CA 94141
(415) 267-7651


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  1. brian says:

    For myself and many of my fellow body art enthusiasts, the photos and videos of Charles Gatewood have been a window on our community. As a major contributor to publications such as “PFIQ” and Modern Primitives, his images seem to have widely influenced some of the aesthetics of our modern work as body artists. One aspect I have especially appreciated is of his documentation of the proposed lines of connection between counterculture literature, music, and body art. Whether the subject matter was the luminaries such as author William S Burroughs, Yippie Abbie Hoffman, Bob Dylan, or familiar figures from piercing, tattoo and body modification, his images reflect upon our culture with a characteristic curiosity and a candor unique in our field.

    His retirement this year heralds the release of some of the holdings of his diverse private collection related to body art.


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