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Point #70: Total Membership Statistics

Total Membership Statistics Introduction By Marina Pecorino In the 20 years since its inception, the Association of Professional Piercers has grown by leaps and bounds. Enrollment is ever-changing as members join, move to different membership types, and/or withdraw. Many members […]

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Point #70: The Point Past and Present


KENDRA JANE The Point—Managing Editor of Content & Archives If we look hard enough we can find patterns, cycles and trends in everything; music, food,

Lenny Kravitz

Point #70: Christina Shull-Trends in the Industry


CHRISTINA SHULL Integrity Piercing When Alicia Silverstone starred in Aerosmith's “Cryin'” video, she was a young woman dealing with heartbreak by running away and getting her navel

Conference attendees—Photo by Kimberly Zapata

Point #70: In the office


CAITLIN MCDIARMID APP Administrator I’ve been asked to talk about how the office has changed over the last 20 years; I can only speak to the last 12

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Point #70: From The Editor – Jim

Jim Ward Managing Editor of Design & Layout

As many of you know, Kim Zapata the previous Editor


Point #70: From the Editor – Kendra

Kendra Jane Berndt

"We can not know where are going if we do not know from where we come."


Point #70: From the Editor – Marina

Marina Pecorino Managing Editor of Content & Statistics Several years into my professional piercing career, I served as a Love Volunteer for the APP Conference & Exposition 2012. I can

Paul King preparing to pierce Alicia Silverstone’s navel in the Aerosmith
video “Cryin’”

Point #70: Evolution of Our Industry from a Piercer’s Perspective

by Luis Garcia Though it might not seem it to some, our industry is a fairly new one. One of the things I find so amazing about body piercing is

Brian Skellie headshot at 2014 APP conference by April Berardi

Point #70: President’s Corner

By Brian Skellie APP President

Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law states: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Had I been at Arthur’s elbow as

Presenters and performers preparing for the voyage to LBP 2014

Point #69: President’s Corner

By Brian Skellie Some of the most fundamental ideas about piercing are those that are most intriguing and still relevant to question. What materials are available

| Placed by Dann Berg