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Sailor Sid Diller—photo courtesy of Charles Gatewood

Point 75: Sailor Sid Archives – Digital Collection

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The Point Issue 75 Cover

Point 75: Preparing Your Studio For Conference – Julie & April

Julie Taylor & April Thomas Outreach Committee If you or other piercers in your studio are going to be at Conference for a week, it is best to

Gus Diamond at APP Conference 2015

Point 75: An Interview with Gus Diamond – Matte Erickson

Matte Erickson Alpha-Omega Body Piercing The Body Piercing Archive presents a new series of informal interviews with some of the most interesting people in the body piercing community. Often

The Point Issue 75 Cover

Point 75: The Mentor Program – Cale Belford

Cale Belford The Mentor Team What is the mentor program? It is a fantastic outreach system started by Ryan Ouellette in 2009. His dream was to essentially

The Point Issue 75 Cover

Point 75: Member Updates – Aaron Pollack

Aaron Pollack Flying Tiger Tattoo The APP has a lot going on this summer, and we want you to join us! Read through for all the latest

Brian Skellie headshot at 2014 APP conference by April Berardi

Point 75: President’s Corner – Brian Skellie

Brian Skellie APP President As I eagerly anticipate our next meeting, the gratitude that I feel towards my colleagues in this

The Point Issue 75 Cover

Point 75: From the Editor – Kendra Jane B

Kendra Jane Berndt Managing Editor of Content & Archives On May 1, 2016 the province I live in was struck with the largest disaster in

The Point Issue 75 Cover

Point 75: From the Editor – Marina Pecorino

Marina Pecorino Managing Editor of Content & Statistics I was born and raised in north Florida, which unfortunately is not known for its diversity. So, having the

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Point 74: 1st Italian Conference on Piercing Practice – Bruno Valsecchi

1° Convegno italiano su LA PRATICA DEL PIERCING Roma, 28-10-2015 Organizzato da Istituto Superiore di Sanità A Roma, mercoledì 28 Ottobre 2015, il centro ONDICO dell’Istituto

Sunset beach suspension at Italian SusCon 2016

Point 74: Italian SusCon 2015

ITALIAN SUSCON 2015 (Italian Original) Dal 20 al 22 settembre 2015 si è svolta a Tirrenia (Pi) italia l’11ma edizione dell’italian suscon, seminario sui rituali di trazione

| Placed by Dann Berg