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Point 73: This One Time at Piercer Camp…

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Point 73: BMXnet – Nicole Holmes

Nicole Holmes Blue Lotus Piercing, APP Member* September 3 through 6 of this year, I was fortunate enough to attend my fourth BMX Conference, which was held in the small

Point 73: UKAPP, A Prelude – Ryan Ouellette

Ryan Ouellette Precision Body Arts In September of 2015 I traveled to Birmingham, England for the first seminars of the newly formed United Kingdom Association of Professional Piercers (UKAPP). When

Point 73: LBP Update – Jef Saunders

Jef Saunders Membership Liaison The LBP—Asociación Latinoamericana de Body Piercing AC (Latin American Association of Body Piercing) Conference was held in Tlaxcala, Mexico at the Trinity Vacation Center from November

Point #73: From the Editor – Kendra Jane Berndt

Kendra Jane Berndt Managing Editor of Content & Archives Change: it is the only thing that is certain in life (other than death and taxes). So why is it that

Point #72: 2015 Camp APP Member’s Retreat

The Association of Professional Piercers is proud to announce our first ever APP Members Retreat. The retreat will be held at Hard Labor State Creek Park in Rutledge, GA

Point #72: Al D. Scholar – Lucina Ugarte

Lucina Ugarte   English Translation: The moment I received the call from Caitlin informing me that I had been granted the Al D. Scholarship will be one I never forget.

Point #72: Al D. Scholar – Gladix Porca Miseria

Gladix Porca Miseria   English Translation: This was the first time I have seen so many people come together and become emotionally united. It left such an impression on me!

Point #72: Al D. Scholar – Jose Carlos

Jose Carlos   English Translation: When I was informed that I had been awarded the Al D. Scholarship to attend the 2015 APP Conference I was overrun by many emotions.

Point #72: Al D. Scholar – Aiden Johnson

Aiden Johnson   For me, Conference was a week long riot of love, laughter, and learning all culminating in a new outlook on life. Whether it was the time

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