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Maya Jewelry display at the APP Conference

Point #69: Marketing and Sales Through Display

By the Maya Jewelry team Gone are the days of horn spirals being our only alternative jewelry option! As our industry continues to embrace an educated stance on high-quality jewelry, owners—and their employees—are raising the bar not only for the […]

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baby ear piercing

Point #69: Informed Consent and the Body Modification Industry

By Kendra Jane Authors note: During research for this brief piece it became apparent that is not a topic that one can do justice to in

Point #68: Best Individual Booth Winner – Blessings to You

Interview of Prince Cyrus, conducted by Kimberly Zapata Q. What is Blessings to You? A: Blessings to You is the title of my current creative metalsmithing venture

Point #68: Best Multiple Booth Display – Tawapa

Phoebe Minona I am being given the opportunity to write about my company, Tawapa, for this issue of The Point, as we won the award for

jimmy buddha

Point #68: Dual Innovator Award-Winner – Jimmy Buddha and Diablo Organics

Jimmy Buddha To win both innovator’s awards this APP was both a wonderful surprise and an honor. In an industry where so much is changing and

Elayne gives Brian the President's Award, with the help of some streakers. Photo by Autumn Swisher.

Point #68: President’s Award

Elayne Angel Giving out the President’s Award was one of the duties I most looked forward to when I first came into office as President, and

Point #68: Josh A. Prentice Award Winner – Ryan Ouellette

Caitlin McDiarmid While at Conference this year,  Bethra Szumski came and found me. She had spoken with Josh’s mom that day. During the course of relaying

The Cutting Scene, Mandan-O-kee-pa Ceremony,
1832. Painting by George Catlin.

Point #67: Cultural Appropriation

By Kendra Jane and Alicia Cardenas Thanks to technology, innovations and information find their way around the world instantaneously via the Internet. Access


Point #66: Piercer Fights for Freedom of Creative Expression

By Victoria Voodoo

Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted from Obscure Magazine (September 2013).

Recently, while scrolling through Facebook, I crashed head-first into

LBP_ed and anna

Point #65: The Latin-American Body Piercing Association (LBP)

By the Latin American Body Piercing Association

Editor’s note: The history and growth of the APP’s outreach work in Mexico has been included in The

| Placed by Dann Berg