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Point #71: Help Save Sailor Sid! – Paul King

Paul King Committee Chairperson & APP Treasurer Over Memorial Day Weekend, the Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M), with cooperation from the Association of Professional Piercer’s Body Piercing Archive (APP, BPA) launched a month-long fundraising campaign for the preservation of piercing pioneer […]

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Point #71: Josh Prentice Award – Ryan Ouellette & Gus Diamond

Ryan Ouellette I remember Josh Prentice being a busy bee at Conference. He always seemed to be helping someone with something. He was kind and never gave anyone

Point #71: Al D. Sowers-The Man Behind the Scholarship – Shorty

Shorty Member, Ink & Pistons Editor’s Note: In order to write this article Shorty spoke to Al’s colleagues and friends. This article was possible in part to the verbal contributions

Point #71: Process of Choosing Conference Classes – John Johnson

John Johnson Owner of New Flower Studio Editor’s note: This is John Johnson’s response when asked to explain what is involved when deciding what classes are offered and what instructors

Point #71: Thank You, Bethrah! – Elayne Angel

Elayne Angel Author of The Piercing Bible Bethrah Szumski has been one of the most active, involved, and productive APP Members in the organization’s twenty-year history. The Association of Professional

Point #71: Giving Back in Your Own Community – Jesse Villemaire

Jesse Villemaire Thrive Studios Let’s talk about sex! Do you remember those talks back in high school? Well, times are now shifting and some proactive schools are seeking more knowledge

Point #71: Service – Caitlin McDiarmid

Caitlin McDiarmid APP Administrator "I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy." — Rabindranath

Jack Yount Memorial Certificate of Recognition

Point #71: President’s Corner – Brian Skellie

Brian Skellie APP President In an organization comprised of exceptional participants who have gladly offered countless hours of work and traveled across the planet to share their


Point #70: The APP wants to thank North Bay Bioscience

The APP wants to thank North Bay Bioscience, LLC

Kim Zapata headshot_2014

Point #70: Thank you to Kim Zapata

Thank you Kim Zapata!

On behalf of the Board, the readership, and the new editorial team we would like to sincerely thank Kimberly Zapata. From 2009-2012 she acted as

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