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baby ear piercing

Point #69: Informed Consent and the Body Modification Industry

By Kendra Jane Authors note: During research for this brief piece it became apparent that is not a topic that one can do justice to in a few short paragraphs.  Please consider the following piece merely an introduction for a […]

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Point #66: Piercer Fights for Freedom of Creative Expression

By Victoria Voodoo

Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted from Obscure Magazine (September 2013).

Recently, while scrolling through Facebook, I crashed head-first into

James Weber headshot

Point #65: A Client’s Guide to Jewelry Sizing

By James Weber Infinite Body Piercing

Editor’s note: This article was written with clients considering stretching in mind, and was reprinted with permission from

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Point #65: Changing Myself While Changing Others

By Jezebel Voulé TRX

What has been your favorite piercing moment? It is a question that has haunted me since the first time I was

Example of a daith piercing, by Ken Coyote.

Point #65: The Piercing Password, Daith

 By Jef Saunders Rockstar Body Piercing

Few people are aware of what a shibboleth is, but they are familiar with one very famous one: Lollapalooza. Lollapalooza,

Safe Piercing guest post by APP member Miro Hernandez of Dandyland Piercing in San Antonio, TX

Why choose to get pierced by an APP member?

Because you and your body deserve so! When you choose to get pierced by an APP member you are making


Point #63: Gatewood Press Release

Hi Everyone! I'm retiring this year, and my 50-year archive will be moving to a major institution. It will take awhile to complete the deal, so if

Kendra Jane

Point #62: What age are body modifications appropriate?

By Kendra Jane In most areas of the world, the body modification industry remains highly unregulated. This means tattoos and piercings are available to the masses


Point #61: “Left is Right, Right is Wrong:” An Examination of Body Piercing, Deviant Subculture, and Contemporary Connotations

By Nancy Napolitano Introduction

Customer: I’d like to get an earlobe piercing. Me: Fantastic! What side would you like to pierce? I suggest the side you sleep on the

Point #61: An Exploration of Pain

By Kendra Jane “The secret of success is learning to use pain and pleasure, instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re

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