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The Point Issue 73 - Professionals dont use piercing guns

Point 73: A Parent’s Guide to Safe Piercing for Children’s Ears

Proper technique, sterility, piercing placement, aftercare, jewelry material, and style are among the many important factors that go into a successful piercing. First, let’s look at the technique itself. Piercing guns use pressure to force a pointed object, the jewelry, […]

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Point #70: The APP wants to thank North Bay Bioscience

The APP wants to thank North Bay Bioscience, LLC

Point #61: An Exploration of Pain

By Kendra Jane “The secret of success is learning to use pain and pleasure, instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re


Point #59: The Tongue-Drive System

By James Weber Late last February a rather curious news story made the rounds on Facebook and other social media sites and pop culture blogs. Various publications

Can Piercings Cure Cancer?

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