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Raelyn (right) and her partner, Babs

Point #69: In Memorium – Raelyn Gallina

By James Weber On September 6, 2014, the body modification industry lost one of its pioneers. After a long battle with cancer, Raelyn Gallina passed away. In the early days of modern body modification, it was definitely a man’s world. Doug […]

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Point #67: Is Triclosan Safe?

By Kimberly Zapata Triclosan is an antibacterial agent found in various consumer products, from hand soap to shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and clothing and kitchenware. As piercers,

Outreach committee chair Ash Mishako.

Point #66: Outreach Update 2013 – 2014

By Julie Taylor

Each year, the APP Outreach committee takes on a wide range of activities, and from educating healthcare professionals to junior

Young woman with successful cheek piercings. Image licensed under Creative Commons attribution.

Point #66: The Dangers of What We Do

By now, many—if not all—of you have heard about the Birmingham, UK woman who reportedly lost four pints of blood and almost passed away after a botched

LBP_ed and anna

Point #65: The Latin-American Body Piercing Association (LBP)

By the Latin American Body Piercing Association

Editor’s note: The history and growth of the APP’s outreach work in Mexico has been included in The


Point #65: International Suspension Alliance (ISA)

By Paul King APP Treasurer

In the summer of 2012 Allen Falkner contacted me, requesting help from the APP for a member of the suspension

Arkansas Legislation

Point #63: Arkansas Legislation

By Misty Forsberg

When it comes to discussing what has taken place with the legislative changes in Arkansas, I still feel a little uneasy

Kendra Jane

Point #63: Can Piercings Create Nickel Allergies?

By Kendra Jane

Nickel allergies and metal sensitivities are one of the most common allergies.  We, as piercers,  see the effects of this allergy


Point #63: Gatewood Press Release

Hi Everyone! I'm retiring this year, and my 50-year archive will be moving to a major institution. It will take awhile to complete the deal, so if

Shawn Porter

Point #63: Shannon Larratt Remembered, a Tribute from Shawn Porter

By Shawn Porter

Editor’s Note: With the following articles the APP would like to recognize the contributions to the the modification community of BMEzine

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