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Point 74: 1st Italian Conference on Piercing Practice – Bruno Valsecchi

1° Convegno italiano su LA PRATICA DEL PIERCING Roma, 28-10-2015 Organizzato da Istituto Superiore di Sanità A Roma, mercoledì 28 Ottobre 2015, il centro ONDICO dell’Istituto Superiore di Sanità ha organizzato il primo convegno sulla pratica di body piercing. Durante […]

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Sunset beach suspension at Italian SusCon 2016

Point 74: Italian SusCon 2015

ITALIAN SUSCON 2015 (Italian Original) Dal 20 al 22 settembre 2015 si è svolta a Tirrenia (Pi) italia l’11ma edizione dell’italian suscon, seminario sui rituali di trazione

The Point - Issue 74

Point 74: In the Office – Caitlin McDiarmid

Caitlin McDiarmid APP Administrator I’ve been asked to write an article about how technology has changed over the course of my tenure with the Association. When I first

FDA over the counter drug labeling

Point 74: “FDA Approved” – Let’s Get Real – Pat McCarthy

Pat McCarthy Owner of Piercology "Approved by the FDA” is a claim we’ve all seen on corporate websites or mentioned in marketing literature and online ads.

Live long and prosper

Point 74: Our Industry Mourns; A Memorial to Mark

Ryan Ouellette Precision Body Arts [caption id="attachment_7736" align="alignright" width="200"] Live long and prosper[/caption]  

  Mark Siekierski on titanium: ‘Gold is not an upgrade from titanium. Titanium

Brian Skellie working with asepsis

Point 74: President’s Corner – Brian Skellie

Brian Skellie APP President

Technology for infection prevention:

Why the introduction of more technological advances help to reduce cross contamination risks

The benefits of thousands of


Point 73: This One Time at Piercer Camp…

The Point Issue 73 - Professionals dont use piercing guns

Point 73: A Parent’s Guide to Safe Piercing for Children’s Ears

[caption id="attachment_7685" align="aligncenter" width="425"] Child's ear piercing performed by Becky Dill at Cold Steel Piercing
Photo by Danielle Greenwood[/caption] Proper technique, sterility, piercing placement, aftercare,

Point 73: Children’s Ear Piercing – Kendra Jane B

Kendra Jane Berndt April Thomas Julie Taylor Most of us receive at least one phone a week— sometimes even a day—from a concerned parent wanting to know the

Point 73: BMXnet – Nicole Holmes

Nicole Holmes Blue Lotus Piercing, APP Member* September 3 through 6 of this year, I was fortunate enough to attend my fourth BMX Conference, which was held in the small

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