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Point 74: 1st Italian Conference on Piercing Practice – Bruno Valsecchi

1° Convegno italiano su LA PRATICA DEL PIERCING Roma, 28-10-2015 Organizzato da Istituto Superiore di Sanità A Roma, mercoledì 28 Ottobre 2015, il centro ONDICO dell’Istituto Superiore di Sanità ha organizzato il primo convegno sulla pratica di body piercing. Durante […]

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Sunset beach suspension at Italian SusCon 2016

Point 74: Italian SusCon 2015

ITALIAN SUSCON 2015 (Italian Original) Dal 20 al 22 settembre 2015 si è svolta a Tirrenia (Pi) italia l’11ma edizione dell’italian suscon, seminario sui rituali di trazione

The Eye of the Needle

Point 74: The Eye of the Needle – A Book Review – Kendra Jane B

The Eye of the Needle by Pauline Clarke Second edition 1984 ISBN 0952117509 Published in 1992 by PAUK, 153 Tomkinson Rd, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 8DP England A

The Point - Issue 74

Point 74: Donate to Science

Donate to Science And help a FELLOW PIERCER, STUDIO OWNER, & DOCTORAL CANDIDATE You are invited to be part of a research study being conducted by Capella University PhD candidate, Stephanie

Point 74: The UKAPP – Part 2 – Ryan Ouellette

Ryan Ouellette Precision Body Arts  

“The whole thing was a highlight for me, being kinda all alone with no support network one day, then the next having

The Point - Issue 74

Point 74: In the Office – Caitlin McDiarmid

Caitlin McDiarmid APP Administrator I’ve been asked to write an article about how technology has changed over the course of my tenure with the Association. When I first

FDA over the counter drug labeling

Point 74: “FDA Approved” – Let’s Get Real – Pat McCarthy

Pat McCarthy Owner of Piercology "Approved by the FDA” is a claim we’ve all seen on corporate websites or mentioned in marketing literature and online ads.

Daith piercing by Ryan Clark

Point 74: Piercing Trends as an Opportunity to Educate – Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark Immaculate Body Piercing No matter what your opinions are on the current trend and associated claims regarding daith piercings, you can’t deny their existence and

The Point - Issue 74

Point 74: Online Marketing Strategies – Marina Pecorino

Marina Pecorino Managing Editor of Content & Statistics It’s been a while since I have had the chance to browse the internet for piercing shop websites in

The Point - Issue 74

Point 74: Tech Tips for the Studio

Julie Taylor & April Thomas APP Outreach Committee We don’t use machines to create beautiful piercings, but for most of us, being a piercer

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