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Point #67: Is Triclosan Safe?

By Kimberly Zapata Triclosan is an antibacterial agent found in various consumer products, from hand soap to shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and clothing and kitchenware. As piercers, we encounter triclosan on a daily basis; it is the active ingredient in the […]

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Point #67: From the Editor

By Kimberly Zapata I resolved myself to make a video for this issue’s “From the Editor.” (I love watching online webcasts—industry-related and not—but I was not

Point #67: 2014 APP Scholarship Recipients

The APP would like to welcome this year's Al D. Scholars:

  • Atih Grada Hada (Eugenia Vazquez)
  • Logan James Wright
  • John Robberson
  • Ryan Clark
  • Ismael Vargas Guerrero
  • Zach Fitzgerald
  • Kenny Hayden
  • Marita Wikstroem
We would also like to

2013 APP Event (3)

Point #67: From Vendors to Hours – The 2014 Exposition at a Glance

The 19th Annual Association of Professional Piercers Conference and Exposition is just days away. (Heck, by time you read this, it may already be here!) Here’s a sneak

Point #67: In the Office

By Caitlin McDiarmid Even though it’s been quite a while since I wrote for The Point, I haven’t gone anywhere; I am still right here in

The Cutting Scene, Mandan-O-kee-pa Ceremony,
1832. Painting by George Catlin.

Point #67: Cultural Appropriation

By Kendra Jane and Alicia Cardenas Thanks to technology, innovations and information find their way around the world instantaneously via the Internet. Access

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Point #67: President’s Corner

By Elayne Angel Conference is fast approaching, and my three-year term of service as President of the APP will soon be over. Memories of the events

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