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Point 73: This One Time at Piercer Camp…

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The Point Issue 73 - Professionals dont use piercing guns

Point 73: A Parent’s Guide to Safe Piercing for Children’s Ears

[caption id="attachment_7685" align="aligncenter" width="425"] Child's ear piercing performed by Becky Dill at Cold Steel Piercing
Photo by Danielle Greenwood[/caption] Proper technique, sterility, piercing placement, aftercare,

Point 73: Children’s Ear Piercing – Kendra Jane B

Kendra Jane Berndt April Thomas Julie Taylor Most of us receive at least one phone a week— sometimes even a day—from a concerned parent wanting to know the

Point 73: BMXnet – Nicole Holmes

Nicole Holmes Blue Lotus Piercing, APP Member* September 3 through 6 of this year, I was fortunate enough to attend my fourth BMX Conference, which was held in the small

Point 73: UKAPP, A Prelude – Ryan Ouellette

Ryan Ouellette Precision Body Arts In September of 2015 I traveled to Birmingham, England for the first seminars of the newly formed United Kingdom Association of Professional Piercers (UKAPP). When

Point 73: LBP Update – Jef Saunders

Jef Saunders Membership Liaison The LBP—Asociación Latinoamericana de Body Piercing AC (Latin American Association of Body Piercing) Conference was held in Tlaxcala, Mexico at the Trinity Vacation Center from November

Point 73: Ohio Legislation Update – Patrick McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy* Piercology, Inc., Body Art Solutions For the last three years, the state of Ohio has been rewriting its body art Rules and Regulations. Beginning in 2013, a number

Point 73: Initial Piercing Jewelry: An American Timeline – Matte Erickson

Matte Erickson Alpha-Omega Body Piercing In the beginning, there was one main manufacturer: Gauntlet. Originally, gold was the predominant material for jewelry used for initial body piercings. According to Jim

Point #73: Portfolio Photography: Tips & Tricks – Marina Pecorino

Marina Pecorino Managing Editor of Content & Statistics In the grand scheme, our industry is young, but in reference to how we display our portfolios there has been quite a bit

Point #73: From the Editor – Marina Pecorino

Marina Pecorino Managing Editor of Content & Statistics I realized that in planning my pieces for this issue, I composed my outlines in terms of an almost methodical past—present—future format. As

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