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The Point Issue 75 Cover

Point 75: Body Modification Survey – Stephanie Hutter-Thomas, PhDc

Stephanie VonHütter-Thomas, PhDc Skinethics Body Art Studio, APP Member It is no secret that the subject of psychology has been my passion for a very long time, particularly the field of behavioral research. It is this passion for understanding human […]

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Daith piercing by Ryan Clark

Point 74: Piercing Trends as an Opportunity to Educate – Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark Immaculate Body Piercing No matter what your opinions are on the current trend and associated claims regarding daith piercings, you can’t deny their existence and

Point 73: Beto Madrigal Award

THE BETO MADRIGAL AWARD presented to Ed Chavarria at the LBP Gala by Beto’s brother Ennio Madrigal

Unfortunately Beto took his own life last year,

immortalinfernalengines: fuckyeahstretchedlabrets: labretporn: Bertrandite by Aesthetics I want to eat it. So purty!

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modificationinspiration: Brass angel wing weights by Tawapa

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dragonfx: Well this was a bunch of fun! Five piercings configured to make a paw-print in our counter-girl Lucy’s ear! Inspired by our friend Ryan at Precision Body Arts, performed by #beansthepiercer at our Kingsway location with #Anatometal jewelry. (Taken with Instagram)

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noodlejerk: Anatometal for days. #anatometal (Taken with Instagram at Saint Sabrina’s)

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anatometal: Cross Eyelets in ASTM F-138 stainless steel with silver Cross Inserts

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bornthiswaybodyarts: 3 surface anchor piercings – about 1 month old and looking great! Featuring 4mm white opal cabochons by #anatometal. #piercing #piercings #bodypiercing #bodyjewelry #knoxville #tennessee #tn #btwbodyarts #anchor #surfaceanchor (Taken with Instagram at Born This Way Body Arts)

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dorjeadornments: Healed surface anchors by Nick. Jewelry from our friends at Anatometal.

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| Placed by Dann Berg