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Point #60: Award Winner for Technical Innovation – Jason Pfohl – Gorilla Glass

By Jimmy Buddha JIMMY: How did you ever come up with an original idea like o-ring grooves on the back of a single flare plug? JASON: Most of my best ideas come from my customers. Piercers have been asking for […]

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Point #60: Award Winner for Creative Innovation – Jimmy Buddha-Diablo Organics

By Jason Pfohl JASON: What makes your jewelry innovative? JIMMY: I like to take risks with my designs.... I like people to be able to look at my stuff

Point #60: Josh A. Prentice Volunteer Award

This year, it was my honor to recognize Gus Diamond’s dedication to volunteering by giving him the Josh A. Prentice Volunteer Award. Though I struggled a little bit

Point #60: Volunteer Thank You

By Caitlin McDiarmid I had a great time at this year’s Conference. It was my tenth conference, and for the very first time I went fully looking forward

Point #60: The 17th Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada – June 17-22, 2012

By Russ Foxx Of the three APP conferences I have attended thus far, this year’s was definitely my most memorable and exciting. The sense of camaraderie in conjunction

| Placed by Dann Berg