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Point #63: Dallas Suscon 2013

By Bethra Szumski Before I begin, I should make a special note: this was my first Suscon, ever. The event was held in Dallas, Texas from March 29 through 31, 2013. As in the past, it was organized by Allen […]

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Point #63: Arkansas Legislation

By Misty Forsberg

When it comes to discussing what has taken place with the legislative changes in Arkansas, I still feel a little uneasy

Point #62: 18th Annual Conference And Exposition — Class and Conference Schedule

EDITOR'S NOTE: Below is a basic timetable of what courses are being offered, and when. For full class descriptions and registration information, click here Monday, June 10, 2013

Point #61: BMXnet 2012 Review – Essen, Germany October 12-14, 2012

By Elayne Angel The sixth annual Body Modification Exchange Network (BMXnet) Conference in Essen, Germany October 12-14, 2012 was well attended by piercers, tattooists,

Point #61: The APP Brochures Overview Article Two: What They Are and How to Use Them

Julie Taylor, April Berardi, and Lou Quino There is a hefty stack of informational brochures available through the Association of Professional Piercers

Point #60: The 17th Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada – June 17-22, 2012

By Russ Foxx Of the three APP conferences I have attended thus far, this year’s was definitely my most memorable and exciting. The sense of camaraderie in conjunction

Point #60: Internet Posting Etiquette

By Bethra Szumski Without question, the Internet—social networking in particular—is changing the way that people interact. It brings people closer by creating more convenient communication between friends, family

Point #59: The Tongue-Drive System

By James Weber Late last February a rather curious news story made the rounds on Facebook and other social media sites and pop culture blogs. Various publications

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