Piercer Потрібні

Job Type: Piercer Потрібні

Назва компанії: Halo Piercing & Ювелірні вироби

Job Location: Фінікс, Арізона

Job Description: We want a piercer who can not only pierce, but can answer jewelry and piercing-related questions, help clients pick out jewelry for new and existing piercings. Також, check IDs, help clients with paper work. This job is all about customer service, making our clients feel comfortable and being as helpful as possible. Ви повинні мати принаймні 5 years full time piercing experience in a studio and have good hygiene. Please email with link to portfolio and any questions you may have.

Ім'я контакту: Kelsey

Contact Email: halocontacts@gmail.com

Веб-сайт: http://www.halopiercing.com

Are there APP members employed at this studio?: Ні. There are no APP members employed at this studio.