Apply for APP Membership

In anticipation of the 5th Annual Camp APP Members' Retreat, all membership applications (including existing Member renewals and transfers) must be submitted in their entirety using the below application system before July 1, 2019. This allows time for processing by the Membership Committee, APP Office, and event facilitators in time for Camp.

Questions? Reach out to the Membership Committee at
Preparing to apply? Take a look at the Membership Requirements - use this as a checklist to gather all personal and environmental criteria PRIOR to beginning the application process; partial applications are not accessible by applicants or administrators.

Choose the appropriate membership type below to start your application. Please note: Business and Associate Members will be charged a $50 registration fee during the application process. This non-refundable processing fee includes a digital copy of the latest APP Procedure Manual - contact Marina Pecorino to redeem.

Monica Sabin - APP Membership CommitteeOnce approved, initial dues (listed below for each membership type) will be billed and must be paid in order to activate membership. Annual dues will be billed at the end of each calendar year and must be paid to maintain membership.

Business Member Application
Works full time as a piercer, and has more than one year of professional experience. Must meet both personal and environmental criteria for membership.
        Application Fee: $50 / Initial Dues: $150 / Annual Renewal Dues: $50

*** Existing Business Members looking to transfer to a new or additional studio location, please use this specialized application. You'll be prompted to choose a new username and password; this new profile will be merged with your existing profile upon acceptance.

Business Member at Large Transfer
An existing professional Business Member who is piercing temporarily or periodically at one or more studios that meet environmental criteria OR a previous professional Business Member who is still contributing to the piercing industry although they are no longer piercing. This type of membership and its limitations will be at the discretion of the Board.
        Annual Renewal Dues: $50

Updated policies and procedures for this category include a specialized BML Code of Conduct and maintenance of a Work Record. See this quick guide for instructions.

This category has two subcategories. Please choose the one that is most appropriate. Associate membership will be valid only in a studio currently employing at least one Business Member.
       Application Fee: $50 Initial Dues: $100 / Annual Renewal Dues: $50

— Piercer
Has less than one year of professional experience (example: apprentice piercers). If working as a piercer, personal and environmental criteria must be met.
— Non-Piercer
Non-piercer working in a piercing establishment (example: managers, jewelry buyers, counter staff). If working as a non-piercer, environmental criteria must be met.

Patron Member Application
Is someone not actively involved in the body piercing industry, but who supports the APP and its goals. This membership may not be used for the promotion of any form of piercing services, jewelry sales or web services. Dues are the only requirement for this membership.
        Initial Dues: $50 / Annual Renewal Dues: $50

Associate Corporate Member Application
This category is reserved for membership organizations that are educational non-profits or not-for-profits that seek to promote the name and mission of the APP, and whose educational outreach is in line with the APP mission.
        Initial Dues: $200 / Annual Renewal Dues: None

Corporate Sponsor Application
This category is used for an entity or individual working in a field involved with or providing support to the field of body piercing. Examples of Corporate Sponsors are jewelry manufacturers, medical suppliers, insurers, educators, etc. Applicants must fill out and submit all forms and documents to the central office for consideration.
        Initial Dues: $200 / Annual Renewal Dues: $200

Email the Membership Committee Chair if you have any questions or ask the committee members in our Future Members Facebook group.
Please allow 6–8 weeks for processing. Membership dues will be billed upon acceptance.