The Association of Professional Piercers has developed this resource for piercing apprentices and mentors. In it, they will find our organizations suggested apprenticeship guidelines as well as a recommended minimum standard for apprenticeship completion. 

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APP Suggested Apprentice Body Piercer Guidelines and Curriculum    Guia y curriculum sugeridos para aprendices de body piercing

I am so proud to have this available to our community . I have heard countless stories over the years about poor apprenticeships, inexperienced mentors, and dangerous work situations. I hope this document is helpful to would-be mentors to help determine if they are ready to train a piercer, and give them a framework for them to build on and add to. I hope this is empowering for people looking to become apprentices, so they have some basis on which to search for a mentor. For those apprentices who are already in good hands, I hope it reinforces the quality education they are receiving. And I hope it is a powerful tool that helps our amazing community make the most of the fresh talent joining us every day.
            — Jef Saunders - APP President, 2016-2019