APP Logo Banners

APP Banners

Help us to promote the APP and our mission to educate about safe and responsible piercing. Below are banners that can be used for your website, Facebook, Tumblr, or any social networking page where you want to show your support for the organization. We just ask that:
  1. You link them only to the APP website,
  2. You use them only in digital media, not print.
  3. You not use them in any way that falsely implies APP membership.
If you are an APP member, please e-mail the APP office at for our members’ logos for use in digital media, in print, or for advertising. These state you are a “Proud Member” of the organization, and differentiate you from simply a supporter. Please see the APP logo usage rules and requirements here.

Anyone misusing the APP name or logo to falsely state or imply membership will be listed on the APP website as an impostor and may be subject to legal action. If you are a professional piercer and want information about becoming a member, go here.

Simply copy the code below the banner you want to use, and paste it where you want to promote the APP.

Copy and paste this code: