COVID-19 and APP Conference

APP Conference 2020 Covid-19 Update
April 1, 2020, 2:00pm PDT
25th Annual APP Conference & Exposition, July 2020

As of today…
US Center for Disease Control (CDC)- 
Has advised against travel from New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey through April 11, 2020. Here are the general travel advisories related to Covid-19 as of March 30. Here is the list of the 13 countries currently prohibited to enter the US, last updated March 29. If you think you have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus, here are the most current recommendations as of April 1, 2020.

Federal Government- 
By US executive order, most international travel entry for non-US citizens has been stopped through at least April 30. “Social-distancing” guidelines, including no gatherings of ten or more people have been extended through April 30. See the CDC link above for the most current list.

State of Nevada- 
As of this morning, the governor extended the existing  30-day closure of all non-essential businesses through April 30 and has finally ordered a “shelter-in-place.”  (Yesterday, Nevada had remained one of six US states that does not have a “shelter-in-place” directive. Florida has also now ordered a shelter-in-place.)

Caesars’ Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV-
Currently, the hotel is closed and the workers have been furloughed since March 24. (The hotels and casinos were granted an extra week of operation from other non-essential businesses in Nevada.) Caesars’ approach remains financially conservative; they have only extended closure through April 30, as a result of the federal mandate. The APP has scheduled check-ins with representatives to monitor the situation.

Caesar’s Planet Hollywood is considering cancellations on a calendar month-to-month basis, unless mandated by local, state, or federal law. This means the venue is most likely to consider our situation, and the possibility of canceling conference or allowing us out of our contractual obligations by the beginning of June. 

If the APP cancels first, in addition to losing our primary source of operating income, the organization would contractually owe Caesars a penalty in excess of $200,000. Therefore, if cancellation happens, the hotel must initiate the cancellation. We will continue to plan for the possibility of a favorable turnaround in the pandemic and that conference will occur as planned. Certainly, if the APP conference happens, it will look different. How different? We won’t really know for a while. 
  • If our conference does take place, those experiencing travel restrictions, financial hardship, health concerns, or other hardships will be refunded or rolled over at your request.
  • However, if our conference is canceled everyone’s money will be refunded or rolled over, depending on your individual financial situation.
  • If our conference is canceled it will not be postponed to later in the year; it will not happen again until June, 2021.
We encourage everyone within our industry to assess their personal situation. If you are in a position to offer assistance to others, we encourage you to take the action that’s reasonable and right for you. Maybe that will look like emotional encouragement and support, financial assistance and incentives, or volunteering your time. The APP is assessing what we can do. We’re a community; let’s support our colleagues in whatever way we’re able. Let’s be safe and let’s take care of each other.
Following July’s conference, the next scheduled APP in-person events:
2020 —
2021 —
  • Annual Conference & Exposition — Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas — June 6 - 11.
  • APP Members’ Retreat — Atlanta, Georgia — Dates to be determined.
2022 —
  • Annual Conference & Exposition — Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas — June 12 - 17.
  • APP Members’ Retreat — Atlanta, Georgia — Dates to be determined.
2023 —
  • Annual Conference & Exposition — Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas — June 11 - 16.
  • APP Members’ Retreat — Atlanta, Georgia — Dates to be determined.