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Current events related to piercing

Rose Gold

The board of directors has voted to update the Initial Piercing Jewelry standard to include rose gold:

The “Jewelry for Initial Piercing” standard has been updated to include rose gold. This change was made after input provided by a workgroup at Camp APP, as well as consultation with major gold manufacturers and input from our membership. Please review the updated standard below:

Ora (yellow, white, or rose) is appropriate for initial piercings if it is solid 14k or 18k, alloyed for biocompatibility, and free from nickel or cadmium. Gold higher than 18k is too soft for body jewelry because it can easily be scratched or nicked. Gold lower than 14k, gold plated, gold-filled, or gold overlay/vermeil jewelry is not acceptable for fresh piercings.


Aaron Pollack
APP Secretary

(210) 291-6923

1821 Bandera Rd
Suite B
San Antonio, TX

APP Official Juvelaĵaj Normoj

  • Solida 14 Karat aŭ pli alta nickel-libera blankulo aŭ flava oro

[Now includes rose gold]

Reference from the APP Proceda Manlibro:


Gold has been used successfully as piercing jewelry for thousands of years. It is considered by both our industry and the medical field to be biocompatible for most people when pure enough. Gold jewelry usually contains a mixture of gold and other metals creating an alloy. Jewelry manufacturers use different alloy mixtures and often guard the recipes as trade secrets. Since the specific percentage of each metal used varies, it has shown to be impractical to set specific requirements for gold.

The purest form of gold, 24k, contains no other materials, but is too soft for use in most body jewelry. Soft jewelry may get scratched, nicked, or burred easily, and can be difficult to thread without stripping. Jewelry under 14k should not be used as it contains less than 57% gold and can include amounts of other metals that may cause adverse reactions. Only solid white or yellow gold in 14k to 18k is suitable for insertion into the body in a fresh piercing, when alloyed with other inert elements. Colored versions such as rose or green gold are alloyed with copper, silver, and/or other metals. These alloys are more likely to cause adverse reactions in the body. In the making of white gold alloys, metals such as platinum or palladium are used to make the gold white in appearance. APP standards require that white gold be nickel free.

APP Suggested Body Piercer Apprenticeship Guideline and Curriculum

I am very pleased to announce the first ever APP Suggested Body Piercer Apprenticeship Guideline and Curriculum. To everyone who contributed, and there are so many, you have my personal thanks as well as the thanks of the Board and the APP as a whole. This is a free publication for the entire piercing community.

I am so proud to have this available to our community . I have heard countless stories over the years about poor apprenticeships, inexperienced mentors, and dangerous work situations. I hope this document is helpful to would-be mentors to help determine if they are ready to train a piercer, and give them a framework for them to build on and add to. I hope this is empowering for people looking to become apprentices, so they have some basis on which to search for a mentor. For those apprentices who are already in good hands, I hope it reinforces the quality education they are receiving. And I hope it is a powerful tool that helps our amazing community make the most of the fresh talent joining us every day.
Jef Saunders

Download the PDF file at this link

La Punkta Afero #75

2017 APP Konferenco kaj Ekspozicio datoj anoncis!

22nd Jara Konferenco 2017 datoj Anoncita!

Junio 11 - junio 16, 2017, Bally la Las Vegas Hotelo kaj Kazino - savi la dato!

#APP2017 # APPconference2017 #APPsafepiercing

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daŭrigi legadon 2017 APP Konferenco kaj Ekspozicio datoj anoncis!

La Punkta Afero #74

La Punkta Afero #73

A Piercing Kuracas?

Nuntempe ekzistas neniu deviganta indico por apogi aŭ refuti asertojn de helpo por ajna sano kondiĉoj de korpo piercing.

Tial ni afable petas niajn membrojn sindeteni de reprezentanta spekulativa teorioj de tiu naturo.

Miro Hernández
Public Relations Director
Asocio de Profesia Piercers

*Pli detala analizo de Eksprezidento Elayne Anĝelo kun acupunturista Kristen Horner Warren en tiu artikolo -http://www.liveoakacupuncture.com/can-getting-your-ear-pierced-really-cure-migraine-headaches


saintsabrinas: Daith piercings estas unu el niaj favoritos! Ni amas la simplecon kaj belecon de ĉi tiu. Ĝi estis farita fare dansteinbacher uzanta flavan oron ringo.

Daith piercings estas unu el niaj favoritos! Ni amas la simplecon kaj belecon de ĉi tiu. Estis farita de dansteinbacher uzante flava oro ringo.

La Punkta Afero #72

punkto #72



Por vidi tiun temon en ĝia tuteco, klako Ĉi tie. (Tiu formato laboras plej bone por plej telefonoj kaj eReader aparatoj.)

Vi povas ankaŭ elŝuti la PDF dosieron de klakanta Ĉi tie.

BVLA Raffle winners announced!

BVLA - Body Vision Los Angeles

BVLA Raffle winner announced!

Congratulations Eva Nieto of Maya Modification !

Thanks to BVLA for their generous donation to our #app2015 raffle

As some of you are aware, BVLA’s raffle prize was inadvertently left off in the 2015 Conference Raffle. We have been working with Nick and the team at BVLA to come up with the best way to remedy this. Generously, Nick and BVLA, understand that mistakes happen and we have moved forward to establish this special raffle, which is open to all attendees of the Conference. This does not include vendors or vendor workers unless they were also registered as general attendees. This does include all regular attendees whether or not they participated in the onsite raffle.


BVLA is proud to support the APP and offer this $5000 WHOLESALE jewelry prize to all 2015 Conference attendees.

• The sole winner will be able to order anything we make up to the $5000 value!!

• We wish to thank the APP for this opportunity and wish you the best of luck.


The Winner will be drawn and recorded by BVLA. Attendees can check safepiercing.org or our Conference attendees Facebook page after Noon on August 20th to view the video and see the drawing of the winner.

The APP is sorry that this mistake occurred and is happy that we could work out a solution which is beneficial to all involved. Good luck!

—Team BVLA