Conference Announcement 11/17/2014

Association of Professional Piercers Announcement 11/17/2014

Hello Members:
As many of you know, the work that goes into planning each year’s conference is a tremendous feat. When a conference ends, the planning, and logistics of next year’s conference begins.At the end of our 2014 konferenco, The APP was in the final stages for moving to a new location for 2015.After much consideration the Board has agreed that the new location will not ultimately suit the needs of our attendees and vendors. The primary concern is the lack of loading options due to the building of The Link. This was an unforeseen facility change. When first contracted the Link was viewed as an asset to attendees but final planning for the area was yet unknown.

Since immediately after the 2014 event all options have been explored, including whether the Flamingo could be made to work. The feedback and written proposal received from our Exhibitor Services company, in mid October, was the final deciding factor. We have been offered space, during the same dates, at Bally’s.

Once the negotiations are finalized we will make a formal announcement about the move. The room block link should be active, per usual, at some time in December.

We are issuing this update in hopes of preventing anybody from booking right now based on the dates and location listed on The APP website- in the unlikely event that the dates are moved as well as the location.

We are all very excited for next year’s 20th anniversary conference, and we thank you for your understanding as we deal with the wonderful growing pains of conference attendance sharply increasing the past two years.


Brian Skellie – Prezidanto
Cody VaughnVice President
Jef Saunders – Membriĝa Interrilatigo
Steve Joyner – Legislation Liaison
Christopher Glunt – Kuraca Interrilatigo
Cindro Misako – Outreach Kunordiganto
Miro Hernández – Public Relations


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Konferenco 2015 datoj Anoncita!

Junio 7 - junio 12, 2015, Las de Bally Vegas Hotelo kaj Kazino – Savi la daton!

Our 20th Annual Conference and Exposition will be in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 7 - junio 12, 2015. Niaj klasĉambroj estos refoje plenigi kun asistantoj de refoje la mondo. Piercers, Studiaj Posedantoj, vendistoj, kaj Sano Inspektistoj cxiuj estos kune por semajno de edukado kaj samulo-al-samulo interŝanĝo. Lerni la kerno postuloj kiel nova piercer ĵus komencas labori en la industrio - aŭ ĝisdatigi viajn lertecojn kaj informoj kiel sperta praktikanto. You need not be an APP member to attend the Conference!*