Šilo Wanted – Piercology

Vrsta posla: Šilo Wanted

Ime tvrtke: Piercology, Inc.

Posao Mjesto: Kolumbo

Opis posla: Piercology, Inc., located in Columbus Ohio is looking to hire 1 ili 2 piercers within the next 2 mjeseci. Piercology is one of the oldest and busiest shops in the country, being established in 1994. Mi smo 2 locations in Columbus and in Dayton. The applicants should have at least 3 godina iskustva piercing. We have a team of 4 piercers now and looking to increase that to 5 ili 6. APP membership is not required, but we would encourage applicants to be willing to apply if hired. We are offering a highly competitive salary plus tips. Dodatno, we offer paid vacation and sick days, a bonus program, Health Saving Program and company sponsored 401K program. If interested in guest piercing for a week or 2 to see what our great studio is like (all our quest piercers can stay in our one bedroom apartment located above the studio). We also be willing to have a part-time piercer with a set schedule every month to guest pierce for a set period every month. Kontakt Patrick.Piercology@gmail.com for any further info. Looking to hire in the next 2 mjeseci, will help pay for moving expenses.

Kontakt Naziv: Patrick McCarthy

Kontaktirajte e-poštu: patrick.piercology@gmail.com

Website: http://www.piercology.com

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