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ピアサ募集 – Blue Lotus Tattoo and The Piercing Lounge

職種: ピアサ募集

会社名: Blue Lotus Tattoo and The Piercing Lounge

仕事の場所: マディソン, ウィスコンシン

仕事内容: Blue Lotus Tattoo and The Piercing Lounge is seeking a qualified professional body piercer for a full time position within a dynamic environment. This is a remarkable opportunity to join a knowledgeable, talented and skilled staff that strives to achieve a diverse and innovative approach of excellence within their artistry. We surpass our competition by being in the business for over 20 years and offering a unique environment that inspires one of a kind art for a large client base that appreciates distinction and imagination. We only use and provide the highest quality products and jewelry available. All our piercers are proud members of the Association of Professional Piercers.

Must have drive and motivation to further develop your knowledge and application of your craft. Must have a minimum two (2) years experience with references and portfolio. As a piercer you will benefit from a 3 1/2 day work week with a competitive wage averaging $55,000/year based on a commissioned payout with an excellent tipping clientele. We are a professional studio with the highest standards in the industry and only want drug and drama free inquiries.

Serious inquires ONLY! Guest spot required! NO apprentice applications accepted.

What you need to make the team:

1. Team Player: You have to enjoy working with others, and be ready and willing to help out, and take help.
2. Friendly: We take pride in seeing our customers drop by, even whey they don’t need a piercing or tattoo, but because they have such a good experience.
3. Organized: Know where everything is, excellent work ethic with an emphasis on punctuality.
4. Cleanliness/Hygiene: You must keep your work are neat, organized and sanitized.
5. Self-Motivated: Excellent bedside manner, willing to further your education, willing to help shop and personal growth

If interested please send job inquires and resume as well as links to online portfolios to: bluelotustattooinc@gmail.com

コンタクト名: Kristen Zoerner

連絡先メールアドレス: bluelotustattooinc@gmail.com

ホームページ: のhttp://www.tattoomadison.com

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ピアサ募集 – Deviant Decor Tattoo Studio

職種: ピアサ募集

会社名: Deviant decor tattoo studio

仕事の場所: Troy ohio

仕事内容: Looking for a piercer who has their own equipment and is certified in the state of Ohio must be able to get along with others and have good customer service skills pay is based on a a percentage of money earned of each job

コンタクト名: Mike tucker

連絡先メールアドレス: 5150miketuck@gmail.com

ホームページ: のhttp://www.facebook.com/deviant%20decor%20tattoo%20studio%20/

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ピアサ募集 – IRIS Piercing Studios

職種: ピアサ募集

会社名: IRIS Piercing Studios

仕事の場所: デンバー & ボールダー, コロラド州

Wanna come work in one of these piercing rooms at IRIS?!?!?! As everyone knows, we have grown a lot as a business over the past year, and now we need to grow our awesome team of Piercers in COLORADO!!! We have two locations in Colorado that need the assistance of a Piercer who
LOVES to have a good time with coworkers and clients LOVES to sling bling, including five exclusive lines only available at IRIS Studios
LOVES the convenience of a fully disposable/tool-less Studio
LOVES the chance to work with one of the most awesome team of Piercers and Gallery Assistants

If you are interested, or even reached out to IRIS before, you want to reach out to our Colorado Manager
Kenny Crespo
電子メール : kenny@irispiercing.com

Be sure to send him the following
• Professional Resume
• Three Industry-Related References (minimum)
• Link to portfolio (example; Dropbox file, Instagramの, などを避けて下さい)

コンタクト名: Kenny Crespo

連絡先メールアドレス: kenny@irispiercing.com

ホームページ: のhttp://www.irispiercing.com

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ピアスの見習い募集 – Melanie C

職種: ピアスの見習い募集

会社名: N / A

仕事の場所: Québec or Montréal, 品質管理

仕事内容: こんにちは, I am looking for an apprenticeship in Quebec city or Montréal. I love piercings and always wanted to pursue a piercer profession, but I wish to make it right with a good formation and learn from an experienced mentor.

If you have the time for a fun and smiling apprentice, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Bonjour, je désire devenir apprentie perceuse dans la ville de Québec ou Montréal. J’adore tout se qui est piercings et j’ai toujours voulu poursuivre une carrière dans le domaine, mais je souhaite le faire correctement avec une bonne formation et apprendre d’un mentor expérimenté.

Si vous avez le temps pour une apprentie amusante et souriante, n’hésitez pas à me contacter!

コンタクト名: Mélanie C.

連絡先メールアドレス: charmel92@hotmail.com


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ピアサ募集 – Big Top Tattoos

職種: ピアサ募集

会社名: Big Top Tattoos

仕事の場所: Pekin, イリノイ

仕事内容: Big Top Tattoos in Pekin, IL is an established tattoo and piercing studio with a robust client base and strategies to expand and grow the business. Over the last decade, we established a solid reputation for ourselves, and we have a high demand for face and body piercings. We pride our shop on delivering an outstanding customer experience by keeping the place clean beyond expectations and by offering skilled, 優しいです, professional service at reasonable rates.

What you need to make the team:
Organized: Know where everything is and when your appoints will be showing up, nobody likes to wait these days
Friendly: We take pride in seeing our customers drop by, even when they don’t need a piercing or tattoo, but because they have such a good experiencewe expect you to keep up
Team Player: You have to enjoy working with others, and be ready and willing to help out, and to take helpthere’s no room for hermits here
Cleanliness / Hygeine: You keep your work area neat, organized and sanitized, and you’re not the stinky kidnobody wants to hang out with the stinky kid
– 経験: We’d prefer someone with 3 – 5 years of experience and a good portfolio of work to look through along with solid references

If you have habits, can’t seem to show up to work on time, aren’t willing to work a schedule other than your own, or have a generally bad attitudesave your time and ours and don’t bother respondinng!

To set up an interview, call the shop or hit apply now, include your in-shop experience. If you call the shop, ask to talk to Johnmarc. (309) 267 – 5405

コンタクト名: Johnmarc Everly

連絡先メールアドレス: info@scribe309.com

ホームページ: HTTPS://www.facebook.com/bigtoptattoos/

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ピアサ募集 – Reno Tattoo Company

職種: ピアサ募集

会社名: Reno Tattoo Company

仕事の場所: Reno, SA

仕事内容: We are Reno Tattoo Company, Est in 09’, a first-rate custom TATTOO, ピアス, and BODY JEWELRY shop. Recently relocated to the beautiful Heart of Midtown Reno, we have an ever-growing clientele base.
We are honored to have a team of talented artist in both Piercing and Tattooing. We are looking to add another Fantastic Piercer to our team.
We are looking for someone who’s;
• Self-motivated
• Willing to further their education
• Has excellent bed side manner
• Wants to be part of a team
• Willing to help shop and personal growth
• Creative and caring
• Open to criticism
• Strives for nothing less than excellence
We are proud to carry the finest of body jewelry from brands such as Anatometal, NeoMetal, Industrial Strength, Tawapa, Buddha, Diablo, Glass wear, and LeRoi. Which is constantly growing.
We like to attend APP every year to help further our education and gain knowledge in the ever-growing industry. We offer to pay for continued education such as the APP Conference.
Stipend offered for the right fit to help with relocation cost;
Reno has a big city feel with a small-town vibe. Close to beautiful Lake Tahoe as well as some of the best outdoor activities a place has to offer. Reno is constantly growing and is a great place to build a strong clientele.
Must be willing to work 4-5 日, hours to be determined.
Feel free to check us out on the web www.renotatco.com
If interested send job inquires and resume as well as links to online portfolios. renotattooco@gmail.com

コンタクト名: Jordan Isaacson

連絡先メールアドレス: renotattooco@gmail.com

ホームページ: のhttp://www.renopiercing.com

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ピアサ募集 – Action Tattoo

職種: ピアサ募集

会社名: Action Tattoo

仕事の場所: Auburn WA

仕事内容: Experienced professional piercer with a good personality and customer service skills.
Busy shop with tons of walk in business.
All major piercing know how and dermal anchors. Please have your own supplies. Bring examples of your work and be available to demo.

コンタクト名: Rich White

連絡先メールアドレス: actiontattoo@msn.com

ホームページ: のhttp://Actiontattoos.com

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ピアサ募集 – Krahnic Body Art

職種: ピアサ募集

会社名: Krahnic Body Art

仕事の場所: ボイシ, アイダホ州

仕事内容: Looking for an experienced, confident piercer/counter sales person, APP member preferred, capable of working with clients without assistance, as the primary piercer in the studio. Must have studio experience and a portfolio. Seeking a motivated, long term employee willing to help expand the piercing end of a small, established, high end APP member owned studio.
I have a large house with an extra room available if needed. Krahnic Body Art is a small studio with a solid reputation for quality, StatIM 2000, and the best selection of quality jewelry in the area. We stock lots of NeoMetal, Industrial Strength, Anatometal, Diablo Organics etc. Must be enthusiastic, work well with the public and have good bedside manner. Must maintain a consistent work schedule. No egos, drama or drug’alcohol problems.

コンタクト名: Chris Krahn

連絡先メールアドレス: me@krahnic.com

ホームページ: のhttp://www.krahnic.com

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ピアスの見習い募集 – Andres

職種: ピアスの見習い募集

会社名: どれか

仕事の場所: ソルトレイクシティ, ユタ州

仕事内容: 見習い探し, have been interested in piercings and their history since I was 13 willing to take blood borne pathogens training course prior to apprenticeship,flexible for any hours

コンタクト名: Andres

連絡先メールアドレス: anarchy2272@gmail.com


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ピアスの見習い募集 – Alexis Morris

職種: ピアスの見習い募集

会社名: N / A

仕事の場所: myrtle beach

仕事内容: I am looking for a piercing apprenticeship in the surrounding Myrtle Beach, SC area. 私はね 18 歳, 私は交通機関を所有します, & 見習い中に自分自身をサポートすることができます. I’m hoping to join the piercing community, I am more than willing to work the counter clean the shop and work in the studio for a time after apprenticeship. A community that i have been intrigued by for years and has opened my eyes and mind to a way of life that I couldn’t imagine being without. I have taken the APP certification in Blood Borne Pathogens and CPR. I have also memorized healing times, Piercing safety guidelines, and Piercing after care, and knowledgeable about terminology. Please email for more information. あなたの時間と任意の考慮していただきありがとうございます.

コンタクト名: Alexis Morris

連絡先メールアドレス: alexgbarringer@gmail.com


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