Attendee Registration

2017 APP Annual Conference and Exposition

For more information please see the Conference Website  Thanks!


Full Conference  means that you receive an Attendee Badge which allows you into any of the classes (Members Only & Piercer restrictions apply) and into the Expo Hall for all four days. If you are going to be at Conference for more than a day or two – this is the most economical choice.  The pass will increase by $100.00 if you register onsite, please plan accordingly and register early!

All Attendees including Full Conference Pass holders will need to register for classes in advance.  All classes will have seat limits.

Full Conference attendees will have access to waitlisted status which allows them entry into a full course at the door, should pre-registered attendees not show up.

The APP offers the option to pay on a per class basis. See the Conference website for individual class prices (available December/January).   Be careful when selecting classes this way so that you don’t sign up for classes which are scheduled at the same time. If you are registering as partial conference and want to attend the Expo, you will need to purchase a separate pass for it. For those attendees ONLY going to the Expo, you are considered partial conference.  Individual Class Prices will increase by $10.00 per class for onsite registration.  This means if you wait and register in Las Vegas it will cost you a little more money – this is to help offset the onsite registration expenses incurred by the Association.  Please register early!

Partial Conference attendees will have access to classes taught in all formats.  Partial Conference attendees will not have access to waitlist status onsite. If a Partial Conference attendee is on a waitlist, at the time registration rates increase they will be removed.    

For entry into the Exposition– proof of industry affiliation is required. Our Exposition is a trade show floor – and is not open to the general public. The APP reserves the right to restrict access to the Expo for Attendees who fail to provide us with the proper proof of industry affiliation.

For entry into Piercing Technique courses (advanced courses) – proof that you are a professional piercer is required.

I am a Health Inspector, can I attend the Conference? How much does it cost me?
Yes, and for the 12th year in a row the APP invites Health Inspectors to attend the Conference free of charge. The only requirement for this offer is that the person(s) attending reserves and stays in a room in the host hotel within the APP room block. Book early to get your room.If you need documentation confirming this offer, or 888-888-1277.

Registration can be done on-line – at the Conference website or through a direct link (both pending).  Registration can also be done at the Conference — but we encourage you to beat the lines, save some money, and register in advance. The pass will increase by $100.00 if you register onsite, please plan accordingly and register early!

We accept MasterCard and Visa only.

What are the actual costs?


2017 Conference rates:

$400.00 — Early Full Conference:  includes classes/four day expo pass

$500.00 — Onsite Full Conference*: includes classes/four day expo pass

$50.00 Early/$70  Banquet Dinner:  (not included in Full Conference fee)

Exposition Passes: (included in Full Conference fee)

  • $50.00 (Expo Access Only no matter how many days)

Individual Class Prices will be posted once the courses are final, they typically range from $40.00 to $70.00 per class depending on the course (You do not pay these fees if purchasing the full conference pass).


  • APP members with paid dues for 2017 will receive a $50.00 discount on full conference prices.
  • International Attendees will receive a $50.00 discount on Full Conference Registration.
  • Scholarships are available on a limited basis, see detailed information here: Al D Scholarship Information and Application


Prior to May 7, 2017 the APP will refund 50% of Attendee Registration fees if the Attendee cancels.  May 7th or later the attendee will receive no refund.  Please plan accordingly.

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