Vendor Registration

All Vendors are invited to

our 22nd Annual Conference

and Exposition

Details can be found on our Conference Website – which will launch Winter of 2016

Our educational-based Conference is the only one of its kind, dedicated solely to Body Piercing, attracting 1000 participants! Nowhere else will you be able to talk with as many piercers at one event, nor meet with the leaders in the industry. Our attendees know that this is THE event to meet the best of our Industry’s vendors of jewelry, products, and industry related services. Piercers come prepared to purchase stock for their studios, try out new products, and meet the Vendors face to face. We encourage those Vendors who may not be in the Piercing Industry, but whose product(s) are of interest to those in the Body Modification Industry to consider vending with us as well. Our speakers, attendees and vendors gather just this one time a year to share information, discuss innovations in the industry, and socialize at this week long event, please come join us!


Early Registration Opens: Preferred Vendors (for vendors who vended in 2016)

ALL Vendor Registration opens
Registration Opens Attendees

February 1, 2017
Deadline for Point Ads – Issue #78 (Issue due out in March)

March 7, 2017
Deadline for Booth Location requests
Deadline to be included in Program

March 15, 2017

Deadline for early Registration Discount

Week of March 15, 2017
Expo Floor Layout – Booths assigned to all Vendors who have registered.
Any Vendor registering after this date, will only have the remaining booths to choose from.

March 31st
Deadline to get a 50% refund if canceling

April 1 – could be later/TBD
Deadline for Point Ads –Conference Issue (#79)
Released early June

April 28
Deadline to submit Badge names (if after April 28, changes will need to be made onsite; and additional fee incurred)

May 7
Deadline for Raffle prize submission

May 14
Desired Deadline for Innovator’s Award form submission



Time to be determined: Early Shepard Warehouse drop off of materials for those vendors driving to the show

6:00-8:00pm    Registration /Check In Opens


6:00 a.m.-1p.m. Shepard (Exhibitor Services) Set up

9:00 a.m. Conference Orientation / Classes Start

11:00 a.m.-12noon  Vendors Meeting

1p.m.-5p.m.  Vendor Move in Starts – Shepard onsite

5:00 p.m.-8:00p.m.  Vendor Set up – In order to use this set up time you MUST have already moved in all materials

8:00-Midnight  Opening Party


8:00a.m.- 11:00a.m.  Vendor Move in and Final Set up

9:00 a.m.        Deadline for delivery of Stand Up Banners

12:00p.m.-1:00p.m   Expo Floor opens – Members Only

1:00p.m.        Expo Floor opens – All Attendees

2:00p.m.        Deadline for ticket purchase Tuesday Raffle

After 2pm     First Raffle Draw

8:00p.m.       Expo Floor closes


11:00 a.m.     Expo Floor opens to Vendors

12:00 noon    Expo Floor opens to Attendees

6:00 p.m.       Deadline for ticket purchase Wednesday Raffle

7:00 p.m.       Expo Floor closes


11:00 a.m.    Expo Floor opens to Vendors

12:00 noon    Expo Floor opens to Attendees

6:00 p.m.       Expo Floor closes

8:00 p.m.      Banquet Dinner

10:00 p.m.    Deadline for ticket purchase for Grand Prizes /Raffle

10:00 p.m.    Open Meeting and Final Raffle Draw


10:00a.m.     Expo Opens to Vendors and Attendees

2:00p.m.        Expo Floor closes

2:00p.m.-6:00p.m.     Breakdown/Move out Expo Floor

Registration Information


Please read the following – even if you have vended with us before – our policies are updated every year and may have changed!


Booth  Details

Expo booth spaces are 10’ x 10’. Each booth includes one 8ft table, and two chairs. Each booth will be separated by sidewall drapes 3ft high, and backwall drape 8ft high. Basic Id signs are provided. Any additional furniture, cases, chairs, services, accessories will need to be brought by the vendor or ordered from Exhibitor Services or in the case of electrical, phone or data lines, obtained through the host hotel or its service providers.


Registration – 

Registration is online only.  When Registration Opens to last year’s vendors, they will be emailed and a link established to the registration path on the Conference website.

Preferred Vendor Registration Starts – December/January

All Vendor Registration Starts – January/February  2017

2017 Prices have not yet been finalized – see below for 2016 PRICES

Early Registration (before March 15)

With Raffle Donation: Initial booth $725.00, each additional booth $675.00

Without Raffle Donation: Initial booth  $775.00; each additional booth $725.00

– Raffle Donation must be worth $50/wholesale per booth

Late Registration (March 15 or later)

With Raffle Donation: Initial Booth $775.00, each additional booth $725.00

Without raffle donation:  Initial booth $825.00, each additional booth $775.00

– Raffle Donation must be worth $50/wholesale per booth

Special Rates exist for Non-Profit; or Educational Based Companies – please contact the APP


If a Vendor cancels before April 1,  the APP will refund 50% of the contracted space. After said date, the exhibitor forfeits the entire payment.  This policy is FIRM. Please make sure you are able and willing to make the show prior to booking and committing to your booth(s).

Sharing Booths:

Vendors can share individual booths – but pricing for “sharing” multiple booths will be as follows:

  • Company A and Company B share a single booth: They split cost of initial booth price
  • Company A and Company B “share” two booths: They each pay the initial booth price for their booth.
  • Company A and Company B “share” three booths:  Companies are charged for 2 initial booths; with one additional at the reduced price.
  • Companies are not allowed to book secondary booths which are not connected to their initial booths without paying initial booth pricing for the separated location (unless there is no room next to their other booths).


  • Companies are allowed to host/sponsor other companies within their own booths (no matter the number of booths) but secondary companies will not be listed or promoted in Conference materials.
  • Companies who are getting educational rates can only host other educational companies in their booth(s); any non-educational companies will be charged the pro-rated regular vendor rates.
  • For example: Educational Company A hosts non-educational Company B in a single booth; Company A pays ½ of the educational discounted rate; Company B pays ½ of the regular initial booth rate.


Sharing and Sponsorship:

In order for companies to receive the benefits of sponsoring – if they are sharing more than one booth with another company AND they want to listed/promoted in Conference Materials – both companies must sponsor.

Booth Assignment Policy

Booths are assigned based on the following:

  • Sponsorship (paid for in full) – as indicated in the sponsorship description (not all sponsorships provide this benefit)
  • APP Corporate Sponsor designation
  • Preferred Vendor status (were a vendor in 2016)
  • Date registration completed (paid for in full)

The APP will consider all location requests and do their best to accommodate all vendors. Decisions by the APP are final. Requests for a specific location or “neighboring” vendors must be received by March  7, 2017. Booth Assignments will be announced via email. A map of the booth assignments will be available soon after booths are assigned, upon request.

Map of Venue: Coming at a later date.

Exposition Rules, Restrictions , and Regulations

The APP requests that vendors who choose to attend our Conference are mindful of the APP standards for initial piercing body jewelry and bring jewelry that meets or exceeds this standard if selling jewelry which can be used in initial piercings. The APP encourages all its vendors to be respectful of their fellow vendors and to act professionally at all times**

See our information here on initial piercing jewelry:

The APP reserves the right to refuse or rescind vending space at its discretion. During the Expo the APP reserves the right to restrict or relocate, at the exhibitor’s expense, any exhibit that because of noise, method of operation, traffic congestion, or any other reason, becomes objectionable. Exhibit demonstration must be confined within the boundaries of the respective booth(s).

Companies selling products must comply with all state and local sales permits, and requirements. All product and jewelry materials, in particular natural or wildlife, must have been legally mined, harvested, imported, obtained and/or fashioned. Booth holding vendors are welcome to offer private product showings from their hotel room, however, no vending from hotel rooms will be tolerated.

The APP requires that its vendors remain open during the hours of the Exposition. Leaving early on the closing day or failure to adequately “man” your booth during the Exposition can result in a $100.00 fine per booth space. If a vendor must leave due to illness/family emergency, they must discuss this matter with a Board Member prior to departure in order to avoid potential fines.

Violation of the regulations as set out may result in eviction from the Conference, the expo floor, the hotel and/or restriction from future Conferences. In the event of vendor restriction or eviction, the APP is not liable for any damages, nor will it refund exhibit fees or expenses.


No one will be allowed on the Exhibit Floor without a badge. Vendors receive (3) three free badges for the initial booth space. Vendors are allowed (2) two additional free badges for each additional booth space. Vendors are allowed to purchase (1) one additional badge per booth space at the rate of $15.00 per badge. If a Vendor is also a Speaker, they are allowed one additional free badge.

Temporary Badges will be issued during set up and breakdown. Temporary badges can only be used during set up and breakdown. They will not be valid to work at the booth once the floor is open to attendees or during the week during vendor only hours. No one is allowed on the floor during set-up and breakdown without a badge.

Remember: After April 28th All badges established or swapped at will incur a $15.00 charge.

Vendor Badges are NOT transferable. Vendors caught transferring badges may be evicted from the expo floor.

All booths must be staffed when the Expo is open to attendees. Vendor badges do not allow you access into classes, those tickets/badges must be purchased separately.

NEW POLICY: No additional vendor badges can be added/changed after Tuesday of Conference Week.  Any vendor workers needing a badge issued or changed after Tuesday will need to purchase an Expo Pass at the Attendee rate.


The APP hires security to guard the Exhibit Hall after the floor has closed. Once the hall closes no one is allowed back in. Vendors are responsible for making sure all necessary belongings are taken with them when the hall closes for the night.



The Exhibitor Services company will be in charge of shipped materials. They will provide a kit which has information regarding shipping, storage and additional services (electric, computer lines, and AV information will be provided by them but are contracted through other agencies).


Onsite Labor

All work involved in the erection, touch-up painting, dismantling, and repair of all exhibits when done by persons other than your full-time company personnel will fall under union jurisdiction. This work is to include wall coverings, floor coverings, pipe and drape, painting, hanging of signs and/or decorative materials from the ceiling, placement of all signs, and the erection of platforms used for the exhibit purpose.


Materials Handling /Freight Handling

All work involved in loading and unloading of all trucks, trailers, and common & contract carriers as well as the handling of empty crates and the operation of material handling equipment is under union jurisdiction.  The Union also has the jurisdiction of the unloading, uncrating, unskidding, leveling, painting, and assembly of machinery and equipment as well as the reverse process.  An exhibitor may “hand-carry” material provided they do not use material handling equipment (nothing with wheels).  When exhibitors do choose to hand carry they may not be permitted access to the loading dock/freight door areas.  Another entrance will be assigned.  All exhibitors are expected to comply with any union requirements in effect.  Further information can be found in the Exhibitor Service Kit.

(Subject to minimal changes until the kit is posted)


Exhibitor Services Kit: Exhibitor Service Information will be posted later


Orientation packets will be sent to all registered vendors with additional information regarding the schedule of events, sponsorship opportunities, advertising specs, NEW policies and procedures, and updated information regarding the innovators award process etc. You will be sent a separate packet from Shepard on shipping/receiving/handling; electric, phone, & computer lines; furniture, etc. If you have not received your Exhibit Service Provider packet within 10 days after registering, please contact the APP office. This information will also be available through the Conference website.



The APP will have a Conference event specific app in 2016

All Exhibitors will have a basic listing to which they may upload Vendor details along with photos, links, etc. There will also be an interactive map for the Expo Floor which allows Attendees to locate you on the floor and find your details through the map.

Benefit/Event Sponsorship allows the Vendor to show their support of the Conference and the APP through sponsorship of events/benefits found at the Conference. Most event sponsorships are available to multiple parties. No benefits will be provided until sponsorships are paid in full.

Benefit/Event Sponsorship allows the Vendor to show their support of the Conference and the APP through sponsorship of events/benefits found at the Conference. Most event sponsorships are available to multiple parties. As always no benefits will be provided until sponsorships are paid in full.


$1,500.00: The Banquet Dinner

Our biggest and most anticipated social event of the Conference.  Support the APP’s efforts in providing a celebratory event for all Attendees & Vendors.

Sponsor(s) receive full page ad in the program, the ability to place a banner* at the event and in the Expo hall; a highlighted listing in the CrowdCompass App, 4 tickets to the Banquet, and first choice of booth location, in order received.

$1,500.00: The Attendee LoungeExclusive Sponsorship

The Lounge area in the Grande Salon area is used throughout Conference.  Help us provide a casual relaxed area where all participants can rest and re-charge during the week which is centrally located to our event.   

Sponsor receives promotion of the lounge as The [Vendor Name] Lounge; Sponsor can schedule one event during the week at the lounge – which will be promoted by APP in Conference materials (deadline must be met); Sponsor can place banners*, carpet cling, and vendor materials in the lounge area.

$1,000.00: The Opening Party

Our Opening Party sets the tone for the week! This casual event allows old friends to catch up with each other and new attendees to make new friends. Support the APP in provide this very important introduction to our Conference.

Sponsor(s) receive a ½ page ad in the program, a highlighted listing in the CrowdCompass App, the ability to place a banner* at the event and in the Expo Hall; and second choice of booth location, in order received.

$1,000.00: Volunteer Support  –Limited Sponsorship for two

Help support those who make Conference possible – our volunteer workers! The Volunteers work long hours usually without a lot of time to get away for long meals. The closing volunteer dinner happens after all the work has been done; this is a special time for our work force whom have little time to relax all week.

This is a limited sponsorship for two vendors to offset the expense of providing good healthy snacks for the week and a celebratory meal out for our hard workers.

Sponsor receives 2nd choice of booth location, in order received (along with opening party sponsors); a highlighted listing in the CrowdCompass App, Sponsor is promoted in APP materials for sponsoring this key volunteer event

$1000.00 – Splash Page on the Conference App – Exclusive Sponsorship

The APP will be launching this Event based App approximately 60 days prior to the Conference – our app’s Splash Screen:

  • Covers the entire screen
  • Displays when the app is opened
  • Sized to fit iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • This sponsorship includes a ½ print ad in the Program

*already a sponsor at the $1500 level? This sponsorship can be added for $750.00 with no additional print benefit.

$500.00 – Main Banner on the Conference App (Limited to 5)

The APP will be launching this Event based App approximately 60 days prior to the Conference – our app’s Main Banners:

  • Posted at the top of screen
  • Cycle through multiple banners
  • Display each banner for 5 seconds
  • Are clickable through to your Company Info/Website
  • This sponsorship includes a ¼ page print ad in the Program

*already a sponsor at the 500+level? This sponsorship can be added for $250.00 with no additional print benefit.

$500.00: Exposition Food & Beverage

Our vendors and vendor workers work long days and providing them a few snacks and beverages during their busy work day is the least we can do.  Support the vendor group!

Sponsor(s) receive a quarter page ad in the program, the ability to place a banner* in the Expo Hall,  a highlighted listing in the CrowdCompass App, and third choice of booth location, in order received.

$300.00: Al D. Scholarship

Our scholars provide the core volunteer work force and are piercers who wouldn’t be able to attend without the financial assistance from the Association.  Scholars have proven time and time again how critical their participation is and give back to our event with their extensive volunteer hours.  Help the APP provide this financial support to our scholars.

Sponsor(s) receive a ¼ page ad in the program, a highlighted listing in the CrowdCompass App, and fourth choice of booth location in order received.

$100.00 – Shared Main Banner on the Conference App (Limited to 4)

The APP will be launching this Event based App approximately 60 days prior to the Conference – our app’s Shared Main Banners:

  • Posted at the top of screen
  • Cycle through multiple banners
  • Display each banner for 5 seconds
  • Your logo placed with one other logo on one banner
  • Not a click through ad


Advertisement provides a visual reminder of your presence at the Conference, and can be used as a reference for attendees after the show. Vendors are encouraged to advertise both in the Conference Point Journal and the Conference Program. Details will be in your orientation packet from the APP.


Raffle Donation shows you care. The Raffle is the APP’s second biggest financial support after Conference class sales. Crucial to our annual budget, and the best gamble in Vegas – attendees buy 1000’s of raffle tickets because of our Vendors’ generous donations. Promote your Company’s support of the industry, name, and products by supporting this event!

Innovator’s Award

Launched in 2009, the Innovators Award proved to be a welcomed addition to the APP Exposition.

Innovators Award program is a chance for Vendors and Attendees alike to showcase new and innovative designs they want to promote at the show – test at the show – or gain recognition for from the people in our Industry.

Whether it is a single item showpiece, an introduction to a new line, or a new idea an amateur jeweler has developed – we welcome your submissions!

If the submission comes from someone other than a (paid) full conference pass Attendee, or a Vendor (with a booth on the floor) – there is a submission fee of $300.00.

The vendor or attendee who wins an Innovator of the Year award, in addition to the formal recognition of their contribution will be given an interview in the Point.

Each Vendor/Attendee is allowed one entry into each of the two categories: Technical Innovation & Creative Innovation.

Vendors/Attendees will need to fill out the enclosed descriptive form. Submission of this form will be the confirmation of the vendor’s participation.  The confirmation should be received by May 14th. This form will include creator’s name; whether it is submitted as a technical or creative innovation; materials used; name of design, piece, or product.

Vendors/Attendees will need to bring their items to the APP Raffle/Auction Booth – before the floor opens on Tues June 13th..  It is not the responsibility of the APP to collect the item from the Vendor/Attendee.

Award Ballots will be issued at the time of registration with each individual badge.  Voting will be allowed by anyone who is issued a badge.  A ballot box will be located by the display and the ballots tallied at 3pm on Thursday; the winner(s) will be announced at the Banquet Dinner.

It is the Vendor/Attendee’s responsibility to pick up the item between the hours of 2pm-2:30pm on Friday (close of the expo).



Educational Opportunities

As a Vendor we encourage you to attend the many class and roundtable selections if possible. We believe that educating our vendors is part of the mission of the APP Conference. In support of that, the APP will provide each Vending Company with a free class ticket to the class of their choosing. Additional class tickets/passes can be purchased – see the registration link above. Please note there are classes held the Monday before the Exposition opens, and some evening classes will be available.

APP Corporate Sponsors

The APP encourages you to become a Corporate Sponsor of the Association. Formerly titled  “Associate Corporate Members” this supporting group traditionally has been made up of the best of the best of our industry’s jewelry/product manufacturers, educators, and service providers. We are honored that all of our former Associate Corporate Members have converted to this new designation! Many of these Companies have been longtime supporters of our organization, and cornerstones of our industry. The APP’s mission and standards should be taken into account prior to submission of your application for Corporate Sponsor status.



Can I get pierced at the Conference or do piercings in my hotel room?

Absolutely not! To maintain space in our host hotel and comply with insurance requirements, absolutely no piercing, scarification, branding or implants; or any other form of body modification from hotel rooms will be tolerated. Any APP members participating in these types of activities risk losing their membership. Any member or non-member risks expulsion from the hotel and/or Conference. This type of behavior contradicts everything the APP represents and promotes in its educational outreach and mission.

Smoking Policy: Important News!

The Clear Air Act now prohibits smoking in all public spaces except for the casino proper, bars in the casino area, and designated outdoor smoking areas by the pool. No smoking is allowed in any of the Convention areas, or any of the corridors, lobbies, restaurants, special meeting rooms in the Hotel. The APP supports this change and encourages all attendees to comply with the new regulations.


Opening Party: Please join us on Monday evening for the opening social event of the Conference.  Food and a Cash Bar provided.

Banquet Dinner: Be prepared to be entertained, eat, and mingle! The Conference’s awards presentation, open meeting, and top prize raffle selection will be held after 10pm, and the hall will open to non-ticket holders at that time.

Yoga – Available daily to all attendees free of charge.

Members Annual Meeting

Open to APP Members only. Members who attend will receive a special gift!

International Attendees Meeting

Open to all international attendees and those interested in international issues.

Vendors Annual Meeting

Open to Vendors only. The APP requests that all Vendors attend this informative meeting and open discussion with representatives of the APP Board of Directors.

*ALL information posted here subject to change until such time that Registration Opens

**Please see the Vendor Statement of Conduct in your orientation packet. The APP is more concerned than ever that all our participants act in a professional and respectful way while at the Conference, and during their stay in Las Vegas.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Caitlin McDiarmid, Administrator




For questions or problems related to the registration form or the website:


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