Member Discounts

The following companies are APP Corporate Sponsors and they offer exclusive discounts to APP Business Members and Business Members at Large:



Glasswear Studios - 20% APP Member Discount -
H2O Aftercare - APP Member Discount -

Plaza Supply - APP Member Discount -
Auris Jewellery - 5% APP Member Discount -

Velvet Panther - APP Member Discount -
Zadamer Jewelry - 5% APP Member Discount -



Saniderm Aftercare - 10% discount for APP Members

Industrial Strength Body Jewelry - APP Member Discount -

NeilMed Pharmaceuticals Wound Wash Piercing After Care - APP Members 7% Discount -
Buddha Jewelry - APP Member Discount -
Gorilla Glass - APP Member 5% Discount -
After Inked - Piercing & Body Modification Aftercare Spray - APP Member discounts


Corporate Sponsors are entities or individuals working in a field involved with or providing support to the field of body piercing. Examples of Corporate Sponsors are jewelry manufacturers, medical suppliers, insurers, educators, etc.

Applicants must fill out and submit all forms and documents to the central office for consideration.
        Initial Dues: $200 / Annual Dues: $200