Membership Application

Tim Gerdes - Business Member since 2016Please note: The Membership Committee will resume processing new applications in August. Applicants are welcome to continue submitting, but response will be delayed until after the 2018 APP Conference & Exposition.

How to join the APP

  1. Find the type of membership that is right for you. To do this, visit Membership Types.
  2. Fill out the appropriate application form (make a copy to submit online) :
  3. Go to the APP Store and pay for the Application Fee - This is a non-refundable processing fee including a digital copy of the latest APP Procedure Manual. Payment of this fee must be made through the Online Store; checks are no longer accepted.
  4. Send in your completed application materials to
Email the Membership Committee Chair if you have any questions or ask the committee members in our Future Members group.

Upload your application and video for review.

You can upload all your completed forms, signed pages, photos of your autoclave, scans or photos of your documentation, and everything else as a single Google document. (Make a copy of the application and fill it out online.) 
Shoot horizontally [////] Upload the video to YouTube, set to unlisted and Creative Commons license. (Go to info and settings, then choose advanced settings, then Creative Commons license.)
*Include the video link in the Google document.
Next share or email it to

Please allow 6–8 weeks for processing.
Membership dues will be billed upon acceptance.