Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted – Dani

Job Type: Piercing Apprenticeship Wanted

Company Name: None currently

Job Location: Willing to look into any location

Job Description: I’m Dani and I’m looking for an apprenticeship. Willing to travel if needed; currently in the Wilmington NC / Closer to SC area. I’m 23 years old, current job customer service rep at a call center, and my passion is body modifications and how they make people feel about themselves. I have an associates in arts and would love the chance to prove that I can become the best self-esteem booster there is while providing a safe and clean atmosphere. Also willing to put in the time and effort it takes. Thanks for your time. 🙂

Contact Name: Dani

Contact Email: danicola93@gmail.com

Website: N/A

Are there APP members employed at this studio?: I would like to work with APP members