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This is a  private scholarship funded by industry professionals who want to help you succeed. This scholarship will cover your full conference pass and a shared hotel room for five nights. If you are a piercer or a piercing apprentice, and in need of financial assistance, this scholarship could be perfect for you.

If you have any questions about the scholarship, send an email to noexcusesscholarship@gmail.com

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Deadline / Announcement dates:

Applications open December 1

Applications received through April 15th

Announcement no later than April 30th

This Scholarship program is not run by the APP, we are simply providing the information for our attendees.



After attending my first APP conference as 1 of 3 African American female piercers, I became actively concerned with the lack of diversity amongst attendees. Since then, I’ve sought to find out why our ethnic disparity is so significant, and how to shift it. In the US, marginalized groups tend to face a specific set of socioeconomic disadvantages, which can often hinders us from progressing and making contributions in our respective industries. Body modification is deeply rooted in indigenous culture, as ancient as 320 CE. Since then, it has been co-opted, suppressed & re-popularized in the Western World. Over the last couple decades, we’ve built an incredibly solid network based on health & safety. As our field expands further & farther, the inclusion of our members must follow. We can honor the extensive history of piercing, by culturally socializing our industry. To do so, we must actively create spaces for POC visibility and accessibility. To counter systemic influence and promote inclusivity, I launched the Piercers of Color scholarship. It is a crowdfunded resource fulfilled by the piercing community, for the piercing community.  - Kookie Lynn



Link to the  Scholarship application form

The scholarship includes : 
- a 5 day stay at Planet Hollywood in a shared room with 1 other recipient
- a full conference pass, with unlimited classes
- flight assistance
- expo floor access
- opening party ticket
- a mentor for the week
Eligibility Requirements : 
- You must be 21+
- You must be a person of color.
- This must be your 1st conference. (If you have only attended one conference, not including this previous year, you may apply.)
- You must be working as a piercer, or an apprentice who is currently piercing. 
- You must register & participate in the Mentor Program.
- You must make your own travel arrangements to & from conference. (You will receive partial flight assistance.)
- English doesn't have to be your first language, but you must be able to read, speak & understand English to attend classes.
Expectations & Conduct :
- A full class schedule is required & must be approved before registration. 
- This opportunity is an educational experience & selected applicants must conduct themselves accordingly. Yes, it’s Vegas, but please abstain from heavy drinking, drug use & partying. Remember, you are representing yourself AND the piercing community. Your actions reflect directly onto the scholarship and the event, itself. 
- Please answer all questions fully & truthfully. If we find that your submissions are inaccurate, we reserve the right to discontinue your application.
- If you become unemployed during this process, we reserve the right to discontinue your application. You must be piercing in a professional studio to receive this scholarship.
- If you are found behaving unprofessionally in public forums or other industry events, we reserve the right to discontinue your application.
- If for any reason you are found in violation of an offense and/or removed from conference, you will be held responsible for reimbursing your scholarship funds.

Notification :
- As an applicant, check your emails frequently. Please be responsive in case more information or clarification is needed.
- Applications close on January 14th at midnight. Selected recipients will be notified on February 14th at noon Pacific Standard Time. You will be notified via email & must accept your offer within 24hrs. 

* If you have any questions, please contact Kookie at konnichiwakookie@gmail.com


Link to application information